back to article Feeling saucy? Microsoft would like you to use .NET 5.0 'go live' release in production to track down 'critical bugs'

Microsoft has shipped the first "go live" version of .NET 5.0, intended to be a "unified platform" targeting Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, and more. Although the latest release is supported in production, it is still a release candidate. "We're looking for reports of any remaining critical bugs that should be fixed …

  1. Peter-Waterman1

    The end of Windows

    Wondering if Msft is moving away from their core business of Windows. Seems like this to me...

    1. J27

      Re: The end of Windows

      I don't think so, I think moving .NET to cross platform is primarily about survival. All their competitors are cross-platform, so shackling .NET to Windows makes it much less atractive to developers.

    2. Sin2x

      Re: The end of Windows

      They are not moving from it, it's not just not the main source of revenue nowadays. Azure is.

    3. logicalextreme

      Re: The end of Windows

      It's been suggested a few times. It wouldn't surprise me if within 15 years Windows is just a desktop environment and window manager sat on an Ubuntu kernel. I doubt it's their stated aim though, even internally.

  2. J27

    I'd love to use .NET 5 in production... A year after release

    1. Sin2x

      .NET platform is now on a yearly cadence, with biannual LTS releases, so you are on the right track with .NET 6 LTS a year from now.

  3. AbeSapian

    Yet Another .Net

    Is this yet another incompatible release of the .Net framework? MS doesn't seem to understand the concept of upward compatibility. How many tons of this crap do I have to carry around with me?

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