back to article OPPO's ColorOS 11 hits beta, but swerves EU audience over GDPR compliance concerns

Android manufacturers often lean towards custom UIs in a bid to distinguish themselves from the competition. Among that camp is Chinese smartphone vendor OPPO, which today introduced the latest update to its Color OS platform. Running on Android 11, which was out last week, ColorOS 11 is predominantly focused on form rather …

  1. TeeCee Gold badge

    ...concerns over GDPR compliance.

    The problem's simple. Justifiable paranoia. GDPR is woolly and ill-defined. It also comes with draconian penalties attached for violating something which even specialist lawyers have difficulty interpreting, let alone agreeing on whether or not your plans are compliant.

    The result is that many implementations effectively classify everything "eyes only and shoot the reader afterwards".

    So, like Global Thermonuclear War, the only winning move is not to play.

    1. A.P. Veening Silver badge

      GDPR is neither woolly nor ill-defined (I know, had to study it for my job as that involved processing information about natural persons in the EU). As for the draconian penalties, that is an option and not mandatory and mostly there to force some large American companies, which have a tendency to think they are above all laws except sometimes for American, into compliance.

  2. RM Myers Silver badge

    As old as 2019

    "While that sounds promising on paper, the proof will inevitably be in the pudding, particularly when you consider ColorOS 11 will be deployed on devices as old as the original Reno, which dates back to early 2019."

    WTF! I'm running a current OS on a laptop I bought 11 years ago, and El Reg is concerned that a OPPO may not be able to make a GUI change to a phone that is less than 2 years old? Not just any phone with who knows what hardware, but a phone that they manufactured themselves?

    What does this say about our expectations for Android smartphones. Can you imagine the reaction if an update was made to a PC operating system and it didn't work on a 2 year old PC?

    1. Montreal Sean

      Re: As old as 2019

      @RM Myers

      I don’t have to imagine, I was around for the “Vista Ready” devices!

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