back to article Oracle customers caught in the cross-hairs of Larry’s 'interesting dynamic'

The first rule of presenting club is, know your audience. Larry Ellison certainly knows his. Speaking to investors this week, Oracle's founder and CTO presented his perspective on the cloud infrastructure market, in which Statista determined Big Red had a 2 per cent stake globally in Q2 compared with AWS’s 33 per cent. …

  1. LDS Silver badge

    "product is called Redshift for a reason"

    Well, the "redshift" term was created because spectrum lines were found moving towards the red part of the spectrum, not vice versa. And requires objects moving away from you, not from something else.

    Yet Oracle has to bet on customers coming from a distant past.... when Oracle was one of the very few choices, when the universe didn't evolved yet in the many systems of today. Larry has to rely on its own products a lot - which may not look too fashionable to new IT generations -, unlike AWS that like a black hole can attract, capture and swallow a lot of open source, without emitting anything back....

  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Oracle must be a damn good product

    . . for it's customers to continue to put op with Ellison's bullshit manipulations of policy, licenses and contracts to milk every last possible cent out of them.

    Customers are "picking Oracle Cloud Infrastructure" because they bloddy well don't have the choice, it was forced upon them in the last license modification and, if they choose to defy the Great Red One, they pay even more than the eye-watering costs they already incur.

    I'm not CEO of a large company in any way, but I can guarantee that, if that ever happens, I will make sure that Oracle never sets foot into my server rooms.

  3. teknopaul Silver badge

    java, solaris, did we buy the them? I forget.

    we were unbreakable Linux until I can't rember why.

    Now we are AWS-also-ran .com + salesforce-a-like.

    Seems like the Oracle gets its ideas reading the papers.

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