back to article The one before Harmony? Huawei pushes out EMUI 11, running on Android 10

Huawei has claimed to be prepping its Android-challenging homegrown mobile operating system, but still has to look after its existing smartphone customers. The embattled Chinese organisation yesterday announced the latest version of its EMUI Android skin, which brings improved multitasking features as well as other “nice-to- …

  1. Version 1.0 Silver badge

    FIFY "Software bag"

    I updated my Pixel 3 to Android 11 yesterday, "Wonderful New Features and Enhanced Security" and now I have to enter my pin every time I want to do anything, some of the apps have had their database completely deleted by the upgrade and other features that I've used have vanished or work completely differently. I suspect I need to buy a new phone to get everything working again ... is that why they released a new version?

    1. DS999

      Re: FIFY "Software bag"

      Shouldn't everyone who reads the Register already know that updating to a new OS the moment it is released is potentially dangerous for stability?

  2. JDPower

    "EMUI 11 will begin rolling out to users of the beta programme later this month, with a wider general release expected not long after."

    Yeah right. My Huawei has only just updated to EMUI 10, a year after it was released. I won't be holding my breath for version 11 (hell there is a 10.1 release before EMUI 11 too)

    1. Jamie Jones Silver badge

      My Huawei medialad m5 got an Android security patch in May, but it's still running emui 9.1.0 / Android 9 !

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        You may have to go into software update and click the check for updates (if you haven't already tried). I have a mate 20 pro, so does my wife. I have been on Android 10 for quite some time, my wife only recently, after I manually checked and updated it with a few more updates, then she got 10. Now we both are on

        1. shade82000

          Well it may be better to go into the HiCare app and check for updates there (depending on your current EMUI version I think).

          I have a Mate 20 X which came with EMUI 9, and I was waiting for EMUI 10 for months, using the Android Check for Updates button. I emailed Huawei and a person told me to go into HiCare and check for updates there. It found an update immediately.

          As said that was back on EMUI 9 and the HiCare update checker interface looked different to the Android one.

          Recently on EMUI 10 they renamed the HiCare app to 'Support', and the update checker now looks identical to the Android one, so maybe it just calls that now rather than having its own one built in.

          1. Jamie Jones Silver badge
            Thumb Up

            Thank-you both for your replies. I checked the update thing, and it said in on the latest version.

            I then checked on their website, and that is indeed the case, for some reason.

    2. shade82000

      Agreed, same here. Tech sites were publishing articles in 2019 - 'Huawei releases list of Huawei devices that will be getting EMUI 10.1'. My sim free, unlocked Mate 20 X was showing as late 2019.

      I was checking for updates every week or two and I got it end of August.

  3. mark l 2 Silver badge

    I have read through what is new in Android 11 and am not that bothered about getting it on my phone or not, the number of useful new features can be replicated with 3rd party apps on Android 10. I am just wanting to get security updates for at least 2 or 3 year after I bought the phone (not the date of them releasing it).

    The same goes for my PC OS, that's why i am still on Linux Mint 19 as even though version 20 has been out for a few months there is little I needed to upgrade for me as I am still getting security updates on LM 19 for 3 more years.

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