back to article Entity list? Pah! Huawei rolls out updated laptops, including a pricey i7 ultrabook

It wasn't just software that hogged the limelight at Huawei's annual developer conference, the embattled Chinese company's PC hardware got a fresh lick of paint too. The biggest shift was in the Matebook X, which, in addition to a performance bump, received a radical redesign. The mid-tier MateBook 14 has been kitted out with …

  1. goldcd

    I'm not sure the i7 is the top-tier

    The AMD chip is a significantly faster CPU and the onboard GPU absolutely destroys the Intel one.

    Intel just pulls ahead with single core performance, but that's about it.

  2. Nursing A Semi


    Do I need a new dictionary?

  3. Chairman of the Bored

    Power connector?

    Is there an actual connector or does power use up your USB-C?

    I hate carrying hubs around just to distribute juice while I keep peripherals connected. Yeah, it's a first world problem but I'm getting old and lazy...

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