back to article How about a lovely processor thermal trip? Hot day in Italy brings out the banking bork

Bork leaves the shores of the UK today and returns to Italy, country of culture, history and the finest of bork. Today's entry in The Register's Bulging Bible of Bork was spotted by eagle-eyed reader "DJ Finsletown" on the mean streets of Perugia, Italy, and shows one of the world's oldest financial institutions in not a …

  1. druck Silver badge

    Wouldn't have happened...

    ...if they'd used a Raspberry Pi, even a 4B.

  2. JJKing

    Where is the error displayed?

    Why in a Window of course.

    Ok, I'll show myself out.

    1. Anonymous South African Coward Silver badge

      Re: Where is the error displayed?

      Why in a Window of course.

      Which version of Window?

      Looks like it's a luverly day outside, just super for some walkabouts...

  3. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

    Yeah, no way...

    To guess what the OS or anything else might be. That's a BIOS reported error so it could be any OS, none of which are to blame in this case. Well, some blame may be passed to the OS if the OS didn't see the thermal trip coming and shutdown safely. It's likely the OS was killed with extreme prejudice by the BIOS forcing a reboot rather than the OS seeing the temp rise and doing a clean shutdown.

  4. Lotaresco Silver badge

    I bank here

    I don't expect anything less from them. They are spectacularly useless at everything and having non-functional or no aircon in a branch is just the lesser of their various bizarre ideas. MPdS tends to assume that money paid into an account is a gift to them. They also regularly "do over" customers by randomly not paying direct debits or standing orders or as in my case just forgetting that I had a direct debit for electricity and losing all details of the payments.

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