back to article Billions of Bluetooth gadgets bothered by ‘BLURtooth’ miscreant-in-the-middle bug

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has admitted some previous iterations of its technology had a flaw that could be exploited to hijack or eavesdrop on nearby connections. Named BLURtooth, aka CVE-2020-15802, the flaw was present in the Bluetooth BR/EDR (Bluetooth Basic Rate/Enhanced Data Rate) from specification version 4.2 …

  1. David Roberts

    Track and trace?

    Noting that Apple and Google have released a new feature to allow BT to run in the background as a notification service to other handsets (if I understand this correctly) is this in any way tied to the version of the BT stack?

    Asking for a paranoid friend.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    That's interesting

    Just updated my phone to Android 11 and now it refuses to use my Fitbit to keep the phone open saying that it can't verify the Fitbit security.

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