back to article What a time to be alive: Floating Apple store bobs up in Singapore

Apple has opened a store housed in a floating glass dome in Singapore's Marina Bay. The new store can only be accessed through a 45m underwater tunnel from The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, a nearby mall attached to a hotel/casino complex. Apple breathlessly detailed that the store's dome comprises 114 glass panels with …

  1. mr.K

    The Latter Day Mac

    And at the turn of the millennia the old gods had to make room for the new and give way to the church of Jobs and the Latter Day Mac. In the east they build a temple to perform the ascension ritual of commerce.

  2. osakajin Bronze badge

    Looks like a nice place to view typhoons.

    1. Chris G Silver badge

      Traditionally, the small islands around Singapore and in the Malacca Straights were the haunt of pirates.......

      1. Dr Scrum Master

        they still are

    2. SundogUK Silver badge

      Because it is so close to the equator, Singapore doesn't really suffer from typhoons.

      1. quxinot Silver badge

        Singapore enjoys typhoons instead?

        I have to express some concern though, 45m underwater tunnel is in my mental thesaurus as "giant pinch point in case of fire or flooding; see also: single point of failure during emergency evacuation". Which is hopefully more curmudgeonly than prophetic.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wrong place,limited footfall

    Floor B2, seems to be a long store mostly in the corridor leading out and up to the sphere set among clothes stores, next to Zara. (Bored husband impulse shopping?)

    Imagine a normal day, you could be the only customer in the sphere just wanting to browse, as Apple sales people hover over you! To get out, find the escape escalator, and head down a long corridor past more sales people to the same entrance you came in, run run, you can make it, only 20 more metres to go!

    Next up, Apple opens its Kuala Lumpur Malaysia flagship store in Genting Highlands, on top of an ivory tower behind the Theme Park, past the Casino, all you have to do is drive 50 miles, park your car at the foot of the mountain, catch the cable car up, walk past the casino and restaurants, out of the entrance, past the outdoor theme park, dive into the main pool, find the hidden entrance, ascend the tower, slay the dragon, and then they might sell you a iPhone if you look cool enough.

  4. alain williams Silver badge

    Underwater access ...

    I got the wrong end of the stick when I read the start of this piece - I thought that the only way in was by wearing scuba gear.

    That would have been cool!

    1. overunder Silver badge

      Re: Underwater access ...

      Don't get too excited, if you put your shades on, you see different messages.


      "underwater boardroom"


      "underwater boardroom"

    2. Dwarf Silver badge

      Re: Underwater access ...


      I had similar thoughts when scan reading the start of the article

      Apple : I'm sorry sir, your iThing seems to have some water damage and is therefore not covered by your Apple care plan..

      Customer : but, but, but its your shop, I can't get in without water ..

      Apple : <evil laugh>Profit !! </evil laugh>

  5. Sceptic Tank

    Didn't I see this thing in a Bond movie before? Only, the villains were less evil back then.

    1. Woza

      Do you expect me to talk?

      No Mr Bond, I expect you to buy.

    2. DJV Silver badge

      Bond movie

      And don't forget that Simpsons episode!

      1. Antonius_Prime

        Re: Bond movie

        I'll always upvote Hank Scorpio.

        That episode was GENIUS.

        1. DJV Silver badge

          Re: Bond movie

          Or, in this case, it was BRAINIAC!

      2. Chris G Silver badge

        Re: Bond movie

        The Simpsons managed to hit so many nails right on the head.

  6. werdsmith Silver badge

    Foster architects get to play a lot, they had a hand in the Millau viaduct too, which is the most awesome architecture I have ever seen.

  7. Dan 55 Silver badge

    This is what happens when a corp has too much money...

    ... and not enough philanthropy.

  8. Andy Baird

    "Floating"? Really?

    I'm seeing a lot of "Floating Apple Store" headlines lately. I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that structure is solidly anchored to bedrock. Could El Reg's headline writers confirm or deny, please?

    1. Mike 16 Silver badge

      Re: "Floating"? Really?

      I immediately went to "The location of the store changes day to day, or more frequently, and only a select few are told where it is at any given time. Usually associated with games of chance. The one in our town was sometimes in the back room of a Car Audio shop (4-track and 8-Track players, and some new-fangled cassette players).

    2. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

      Re: "Floating"? Really?

      But anchor came there none?

      Some reports put the word "floating" in quotes in the headline. And I found this description in one online: 'The store is completely surrounded by water so that it appears to be floating."

  9. Montreal Sean

    Does this mean

    We can go bobbing for Apples?

  10. Cat Empire

    The Gherkin?

    Everyone I know in Australia refers to the building as The Tampon.

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