back to article The Honor MagicBook Pro looks nice, runs like a dream, and isn't too expensive either. What more could you want?

With its lucrative mobile business being decimated outside of Mainland China, Huawei's youth-focused sub-brand Honor has shifted towards laptops and other personal tech kit. Its latest machine is the MagicBook Pro, which touts a 16.1-inch display and a brisk Ryzen 5 processor. It's a curious beast, with Honor explicitly …

  1. teknopaul Silver badge

    Wanne be careful about banning Huawei the lads, you might miss out on some good cheap kit.

    1. Anonymous Coward


      Unfortunately, also wanna be careful about buying Huawei. If a certain someone notices this he could add Windows to the export list like he did Google.

      1. Michael Habel

        Re: Huawei

        Isn't Windows already on the "Export" list? I thought it was already illegle to sell Windows in places like Cuba, or North Korea, or Iran. (Just off the top of my head.)

    2. Michael Habel

      Buy 'Merican!

  2. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    How much does it weigh?

    If you want to make a notebook expensive, try and make it light. 16" screen at only FHD is certainly usable but will also tax the battery, though maybe a bit less than a 4k one does. But, in any case, a 16" is likely to be too heavy to want to lug around a lot. I generally recommend something smaller and lighter that you can easily connect to a larger external screen when its on your desk. And if you don't need mobility, don't buy a notebook.

    1. Flywheel

      Re: How much does it weigh?

      1.7Kg apparently...

    2. Blackjack Silver badge

      Re: How much does it weigh?

      Dude we are in the pandemic era. People no longer want light laptops with long battery time, they want power laptops that can run every heavy program they need to work at home... and to play games at home.

      And working from home won't disappeared even after we get a vaccine, at least a third of the office workforce will continue to work from home as it saves companies money.

      1. doublelayer Silver badge

        Re: How much does it weigh?

        Businesses want that, but personal machines often are purchased with different requirements in mind. For one thing, you don't need a big screen or keyboard if you're going to be using it as a desktop with a battery backup, and in fact size is probably not helpful as it makes it harder to put the computer away while using the full-sized peripherals. Meanwhile, people still have a need for a laptop which is portable and runs for long enough because there are times when we have to wait elsewhere. Parents, for example, may need to wait for their children and may wish to be productive while doing so. Or you could be in a queue at somewhere which has a long wait because of pandemic restrictions. For use cases like this, battery life is quite important as are the quality and size of the internal display and keyboard.

        1. 20TC

          New requirements / brandname

          A reasonable 16" screen sitting next to (or propped up next to) an external 24" monitor is a good dual-screen setup for many who are forcible working at home.

          As they start to go back to the office for 2 or 3 days a week, it is acceptable to take a 16" 1.7Kg laptop back and forward.

          It isn't suitable as a road warriors PC or power user, of course. But there is (for the next couple of years) this new category of part-home, part-office workers and this is quite an interesting product for that class.

          The bigger question for an average IT manager: would you buy a fleet of Honor "Huawei" PCs? I'm not suggesting they are likely to spy on you more than the operating system itself but is it worth trying to explain that to the MD or just buying another brand?

          1. doublelayer Silver badge

            Re: New requirements / brandname

            Probably. It depends on repairability, compatibility with existing docks, and a reliability calculation that might not yet be available, but otherwise it's just a different model. Companies already routinely consider at least five brands, so adding another one shouldn't be that difficult.

          2. Onen hag Oll

            Re: New requirements / brandname

            Meanwhile, people still have a need for a laptop which is portable and runs for long enough because there are times when we have to wait elsewhere. Parents, for example, may need to wait for their children and may wish to be productive while doing so

            If it's anything like my children; no battery lasts that long

        2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

          Re: Or you could be in a queue

          If you're in a queue, you're not pounding on a laptop keyboard, you're standing in line and have nothing else to occupy you but your mobile phone, depending on how much data your contract allows you.

          1. doublelayer Silver badge

            Re: Or you could be in a queue

            Depends on the location and style of queues. I'm in an urban place so I see the typical types, but I've been informed by people who live in more open places of queues of cars, sometimes very long ones. If you have to sit in a car for two hours (this happened to a friend of mine), you can type on a laptop. Especially if you're not the one driving.

  3. AMBxx Silver badge


    Are the G and I printed really small?

    1. chivo243 Silver badge

      Re: MagicBook

      As a betting man, I would wager Apple has a sueball ready to lob, if it hasn't already. I seem to remember that is the case?

      If there were two would it be MagicBook Pair?

      1. GiantKiwi

        Re: MagicBook

        Honor don't sell in the US to avoid this problem. Only US Law allows companies to sue for a likeness of an existing trademark or patent, most other countries will only allow chasing for infringement if it were literally called the "Honor Macbook".

        They, like the true Huawei macbook-esque laptops, will continue to remain safe from Apple lawyer trolling whilst they remain outside of the US market, as nothing has been broken.

    2. Dave559 Silver badge

      Re: MagicBook

      Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. It has to be said that this looks like it would make (in theory) an excellent Hackintosh, and somewhat ironic that it seems to have rather more accessible/upgradeable components than the real thing!

      Annoying that they have mimicked the design to such an extent that it's also missing proper Delete/Home/End/PgUp/PgDown/etc keys. That's something that makes me really wish Apple would introduce a size 14 laptop (16 is too big to be portable, let alone the cost), which would have plenty room for that additional column of keys (13 could also do it, if they shifted the keyboard leftwards slightly).

  4. Robigus


    I read that Huawei's business has been decimated. Is that exactly 10%, or is it thereabouts?

    1. IGotOut Silver badge

      Re: Decimated

      One day the pedants will learn to use a dictionary.


      To decimate something such as a group of people or animals means to destroy a very large number of them.


      3a: to reduce drastically especially in number

      b: to cause great destruction or harm to (Oxford Dictionary)

      1Kill, destroy, or remove a large proportion of.

      1. Kubla Cant

        Re: Decimated

        You're correct, meaning is use. Latin roots don't determine modern sense - nobody expects a dilapidated garden shed to have stones falling off it.

        The problem is that deci isn't just a random Latin root, but a prefix with a mathematical meaning. A made-up unit such as a decihelen is clearly the level of beauty required to launch 100 ships.

        So decimate will always cause cognitive dissonance, not least because its meaning has been inverted. Best to avoid it altogether and use a synonym.

        1. Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

          Re: Decimated

          deci isn't just a random Latin root, but a prefix with a mathematical meaning

          "Decimated" - Fucked ten times over.

          1. Graham 32

            Re: Decimated

            Naah, that's decamated.

        2. doublelayer Silver badge

          Re: Decimated

          Deci does mean one tenth, but that doesn't necessarily mean that any word using the root means to reduce by one tenth. It could also mean to reduce to one tenth, to reduce by tenths until the desired outcome, to divide into ten even sections without reducing any of them, or any other mathematical operation you want to create where 0.1 is an important factor.

        3. Glen 1

          Re: Decimated

          "prefix with a mathematical meaning"

          I'll be sure to remember that this coming December.

          1. Anonymous Coward

            Re: Decimated

            December used to be the 10th month (with November the 9th, October the 8th, and September the 7th).

            Like decimate it has lost its numerical meaning.

            1. FIA Silver badge

              Re: Decimated

              December used to be the 10th month (with November the 9th, October the 8th, and September the 7th).

              After this year I’m really looking forward to intermission.

            2. Richard 12 Silver badge

              Re: Decimated

              To whoever reported my comment, and whichever moderator removed it without thinking:

              Beware the Ides of March. Et tu, Brute?

              Learn your history - and Shakespeare.

              Julius Caesar created the months that turned October into the tenth month.

        4. logicalextreme Silver badge

          Re: Decimated

          Not necessarily; we use words that sound good in addition to their semantics. "Eviscerate" is a word with similar sibilance etc. in this instance, but it's not always the case. Language should enjoy a certain poetry, outside of annual reports and tax return forms.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Decimated

        Are you aware some words have more than one meaning?

        The bits you conveniently didn't copy:



        2. (esp in the ancient Roman army) to kill every tenth man of (a mutinous section)


        3. Obsolete [ok, fair enough you skipped this one]

        to take a tenth part of; tithe

        Mirriam Webster [the first two you skipped over!]

        1 : to select by lot and kill every tenth man of decimate a regiment

        2 : to exact a tax of 10 percent from poor as a decimated Cavalier— John Dryden


        2 historical Kill one in every ten of (a group of people, originally a mutinous Roman legion) as a punishment for the whole group.

        ‘the man who is to determine whether it be necessary to decimate a large body of mutineers’


        Historically, the meaning of the word decimate is ‘kill one in every ten of (a group of people)’. This sense has been more or less totally superseded by the later, more general sense ‘kill, destroy, or remove a large proportion of’, as in the virus has decimated the population. Some traditionalists argue that this is incorrect, but it is clear that it is now part of standard English

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          > it is clear that it is now part of standard English

          Please reference which data show this.

        2. doublelayer Silver badge

          Re: Decimated

          I'm afraid you may have shot your argument in the foot there. You said:

          "Are you aware some words have more than one meaning?"

          Yes, they seem to be. The original argument about decimate only applied to one of the meanings, and they proved that there are additional meanings which were used in this situation. You have only proved that the original meaning is still one of the options, not that it is the only option. By asking that question, I think you are also admitting the validity of their definitions, and thus the article's usage.

        3. swm Silver badge

          Re: Decimated

          Then there are some that opine that a word never means the same thing twice.

      3. Robigus

        Re: Decimated

        Fair enough. The joke icon was perhaps a too subtle indicator of not entirely pedantic intent.

        I was referring to its original meaning (see ). In a world of righteousness and relativism; anything can mean anything you want it too.

        More importantly, other websites report that this laptop runs Linux very well.

    2. eromana

      Re: Decimated

      Accordig to wikipedia: Plutarch describes the process in his work Life of Antony.[7] After a defeat in Media:

      Antony was furious and employed the punishment known as "decimation" on those who had lost their nerve. What he did was divide the whole lot of them into groups of ten, and then he killed one from each group, who was chosen by lot; the rest, on his orders were given barley rations instead of wheat.[8]

  5. Christopher Reeve's Horse

    And the software?

    Clutter free Windows 10 installation, or buckets of inexplicable (or possibly untrustworthy) Beijing bloat?

    1. John Bailey

      Re: And the software?

      As opposed to unstable Windows 10 installs, pre installed Redmond bloat and self activating (and just as untrustworthy) telemetry?

    2. David Lewis 2

      Re: And the software?

      Clutter free Windows 10 installation

      Shirley an oxymoron if ever there was one?

      So the question is, are you satisfied with just being monitored by Redmond?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: And the software?

        Yes actually - I've never been an MS fan but I'm convinced, of all the current service suppliers, they only want my money and will stop when they get it.

        1. Alumoi Silver badge

          Re: And the software?

          Have one on me, you made my day!

          Today they want your money.

          Tomorrow they'll get your info.

          Day after tomorrow they will sell your info.

          Day after that they will ask for more money.

          And so on.

        2. DiViDeD

          Re: And the software?

          they only want my money and will stop when they get it I have none left.

          There, FTFY

    3. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

      Re: And the software?

      Just install Linux.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: And the software?

        .. but again (and again, and again), the review does not indicate if that is possible.

        I would consider buying this laptop, but without Windows. I would love to see a review where someone at least attempted to install a distro, just to see if it were possible.

        1. Kubla Cant

          Re: And the software?

          In my limited experience, you can install Linux on anything. I suspect that you may forego some features present in an OEM Windows build, such as:

          • optimizations that extend battery life
          • switching between a discrete graphics processor and a lower-powered on-chip one
          • fingerprint recognition

          1. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            Re: And the software?

            In my limited experience, you can install Linux on anything.

            Not quite. Microsoft is rumoured to run a nice scam (all the while whilst making cute supportive noises for Linux) where they offer OEMs a discount on their mandatory installs of Win 10 if they lock UEFI so no other OS can be installed.

            This is why a test would be helpful, preferably with Debian so we could be sure the distro wasn't paying a tithe to Microsoft to be allowed in anyway.

    4. Bill 21

      Re: And the software?

      What software? Nothing in the main article says what OS it runs. it's Huawei (unloved by orange Donny), so how can it it be windows, android, chrome?

  6. Dave 126 Silver badge

    People's preference for 16:9 over 16:10 or 3:2 is up to them. Huawei offer 3:2 screens on their Matebook series.

    A second charge-capable USB C socket would be nice, since it adds reduncy should one fail (though I get the impression USBC sockets are more reliable than some laptops' barrel connectors).

    Being AMD, I don't suppose it supports Thunderbolt, though for many people that's no big deal. Being able to use an external GPU is a nice concept, but it still appears to be niche.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I was intrigued. So I went to take a look and sure enough it says keyboard is Chinese. As for value at £1700 it's probably cheaper than a apple but since Donald Trump so fond of saying you should learn to speak Chinese.

    I've seen worse. A bean counter ordered a number of laptop's thinking they were good value. One problem was imminently obvious the all came with US keyboards. This is why IT budgets should left in the hands of IT people not in the hands of bean counters.

    1. GlenP Silver badge

      Re: Intrigued

      IT budgets should left in the hands of IT people not in the hands of bean counters

      And definitely not senior managers. Had an MD of a company I dealt with many years ago buy a flashy Sony Vaio from Dixons/PC World/... instead of sticking to the corporate recommendations. 13 months later I had to scrap it due to total unavailability of drivers or support. They'd been bought as a job lot by Dixons direct from Japan so Sony UK weren't interested, the supplier wouldn't help as it was out of warranty and the components must have come from either the obsolete bin or some very obscure supplier.

      1. J. Cook Silver badge

        Re: Intrigued

        No, that's SOP for Sony VAIOs, at least their notebooks. I had one a number of years ago that had a tendency to BSOD due to a fault in the video driver; problem is, I couldn't use the standard ATI Radeon driver kits, because Sony did something to the GPU's firmware that made the Radeon drivers refuse to install, so I was stuck with the crappy, buggy driver that Sony had for it. Shame, it was an otherwise decent laptop, too.

        1. chivo243 Silver badge

          Re: Intrigued

          That explains why my colleague was disposing of so many VAOIs.

        2. Muscleguy Silver badge

          Re: Intrigued

          I run a mid 2010 15” Macbook Pro, the one with the dodgy motherboard & supposedly nifty auto switching between the graphics card and the integrated graphics chipset. Only it BSOD’s if it does and there is no cure. Except for the excellent gfxCardStatus which lets me set things at Integrated Only. Thunderbird locks that in place nicely. So everything is nice and stable unless I need to restart T’bird then I hover of the gfx icon ready to pounce if necessary since T’bird will also lock in one of the ‘wrong’ settings.

          Running Sierra, cannot upgrade to High Sierra since gfx doesn’t run in it. Over a decade old and it still works like new. New battery, new HD, more RAM up to max. Still has some stuff my bioinformaticist daughter put on it when it was hers. I’m slowly getting to grips with R for eg.

    2. logicalextreme Silver badge

      Re: Intrigued

      US layout is at least one of the gentlest changes you can make to a UK layout. I was using a US keyboard in the office because it was the one that was nicest to type on, and I only look at the keys every few weeks to see if I've spilt anything on them.

    3. NeilPost Silver badge

      Re: Intrigued

      At £849 it’s not that different ballpark.

      My missus bought a HP Envy Core i7, 16Gb, 500Gb SSD, 2Gb NVidia discrete and a 1080p display for £879 from a Curry’s retail shop and that was early July once they reopened.

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Intrigued

      I used to leave my IT budget in the hands of the IT team, and we rarely got past 9 months before it was overcommitted. Enthusiasm and entirely reasonable anxiety to get the best first doesn’t always add up to budgetary realism. The trick is not to succumb to name-calling and prejudgment (‘bean-counters’? - grow up, chaps) but to get a team of committed and knowledgeable people together and use their skills coherently. They will need to value each other’s skills, btw, and rely on each other’s integrity where each has gaps in their knowledge that others can fill - rather than assuming that everything this side of the door is my domain.

  8. Luke Worm

    "What more could you want?"

    I want Linux, of course. Would it work?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: "What more could you want?"

      Does this answer your query?. Laptops will run Linux however NVIDIA display cards can cause kernel panics. Research,Research,Research.....


      HUAWEI Honor MagicBook Pro 2020 16.1 inch 90% Ratio Display Intel i5 / i7-10210U MX350 16GB 512GB SSD 100% sRGB Fingerprint Notebook

      The 2020 latest HUAWEI Honor MagicBook Pro Laptop is more powerful and larger than ever before.

      Featuring the Intel 10th generation i5 / i7-10210U and the popular NVIDIA Geforce MX350 is easier to handle more multitasking progress and graphics shaping. Adopted in 16.1 inch 100% sRGB color gamut with more than 90% ratio full view screen for capturing wider horizons and more vivid color while gaming or watching. Large in 16GB RAM 512GB SSD, safe with fingerprint technique and amazing on 56Wh Battery, the brand new HUAWEI MagicBook Pro 2020 will be in your budget to offer more performance.

      1. Steve Todd

        Re: "What more could you want?"

        Erm, if you haven’t read the article then the review is of a Ryzen 4600U based machine with integrated VEGA graphics. Full AMD stack, not an Intel or nVidia part in sight.

    2. Dave 126 Silver badge

      Re: "What more could you want?"

      I really don't believe there isn't a website somewhere tests - or least collects users' experiences of - laptops for Linux as their raisin d'etre... so I'm always confused when poor penguins pitch their questions here and not there.

      For sure, occasionally the Reg will take a stab at installing Linux, but it isn't their MO to go super in-depth on any machine on any OS.

  9. Steve Kerr

    Fruity look

    Looks very similar to a fruity based laptop

    I for one will be looking at for any lawsuits from said fruity company about copying looks with interest to see how that progresses.

    Saying that, it does look really good based on the specs and looks like they're trying to undercut everyone else in the market

    1. NeilPost Silver badge

      Re: Fruity look

      It looks like a thin laptop on as much as BMX Z4 looks a bit similar to a Mercedes SLK or a Whopper Cheese is a bit like a 1/4 Pounder with cheese or Tesco Chicken and Bacon sandwich is a bit like a Morrison’s one.

      There is no patent, trademark or ‘prior art’ to breach there.

  10. gnasher729 Silver badge

    I’d say a lawsuit for trademark violation seems quite inevitable.

    1. Anonymous Coward Silver badge

      Where? China? Yeah, good luck with that.

      1. gnasher729 Silver badge

        Article says “sold in the U.K.”.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Trademark violation?

      If it looks like a Macbook, then it's not about trademarks, but registered designs/design rights (in the UK. In the US these are called "design patents" which causes no end of confusion). Unless Apple have trademarked "aluminium-chassis laptops".

      They might well struggle to win, as long as Honor don't put a fruity logo on the back.

      1. Michael Habel

        Re: Trademark violation?

        That diddn't stop the fruit market from claming they were the finist provyors of all things rectangled shaped with the most delicatly rounded corners ever. so perhaps they have a case this time as well?

  11. John Robson Silver badge


    Surely TB3 over that USB-C port would be included to allow eGPUs to be added as needed for those triple X^HA titles...

    1. doublelayer Silver badge

      Re: Gaming...

      A cursory check says probably not. Thunderbolt is more an Intel thing. AMD processors can support it, but usually only with one of only a few boards, and all the ones I found are for desktops. This laptop's may be customized to support it, but more likely they haven't considered it as it doesn't appear in marketing for the device.

      1. John Robson Silver badge

        Re: Gaming...

        That was rather my point - external GFX are always going to be superior for gaming... I kind of just expect that capacity nowadays (or expresscard based PCIe options (do they still exist?))

  12. nautica Bronze badge

    It's in The Book.

    Finally. A manufacturer with some sense (Lenovo seems to be headed off the rails).

    The only thing I can do is engage in that most popular of pastimes: second-guessing.

    The only thingS (different; that I would want) I can think of are (1) a 14" screen (I travel, and being able to easily carry it around is vital), and (2) a 4:3 aspect ratio--that's what God intended; it's in The Bible, somewhere. Trust me.

    1. cdegroot

      Re: It's in The Book.

      Look at the XPS 15. It's so compact, when I got the box in the mail I thought they sent me the wrong model because "surely, a 15" laptop won't fit in there". It's smaller than my employer's 2019 fruity gear.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: It's in The Book.

        That’s because the 2019 fruity gear is a 16” not 15”.

    2. Graham 32

      Re: It's in The Book.

      How about the related Huawei Matebook X Pro with a 13.9" 3:2 screen . Although it is more pricey than the Honor.

      1. nautica Bronze badge

        Re: It's in The Book.

        Sounds intriguing; thanks for the tip.

        I''ll take a look.

  13. anonymous boring coward Silver badge

    "The Honor MagicBook Pro retails at £849.99 in the UK"

    Not expensive? Cough, cough...

    1. Woodnag

      The Honor MagicBook Pro is the 'spensive US version. The Honour MagicBook Pro will be the one with UK keyboard.

    2. Michael Habel

      Isint that not pronounced coof coof in 2020?

      1. anonymous boring coward Silver badge

        No, it isint. If anything it would be "coff".

  14. anonymous boring coward Silver badge

    Oh, it has TWO fans to listen too?

    Is the screen IPS? Resolution?

  15. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

    Silly question

    The article says that they've removed the camera from the bezel, to save space - and put it in the keyboard. But doesn't that mean that if you use Zoom / Teams / whatever - all anyone's going to see is nose hair and chin?

    1. Anonymous Coward Silver badge

      Re: Silly question

      Some of us have enough of both that that's all people see anyway.

    2. I am the liquor

      Re: Silly question

      The standard laptop camera position doesn't exactly provide the most flattering perspective, and this'll surely be even worse. I don't think my colleagues would want that view of my tramp-like lockdown beard.

  16. Chakonari

    Pics or it didn't happen...

    ... that's not a German keyboard.

    If you have no use for your sample, I'll gladly take it off your hands. Obviously I'll pay for shipping to Germany.

    Have waited way too long to register on ... cough... The... I can't say it.

  17. Buzzword

    Order early to get free gifts

    If you order early, they throw in a free Honor watch and router. As I have no need of either device, I think I'll just wait until the pre-sale is over.

    The cynic in me thinks it's just a ploy to get their router hardware installed in lots of people's houses, all the better to spy on us.

    1. Buzzword

      Re: Order early to get free gifts

      Screen brightness is only 300 nits too. That's low - plenty of other manufacturers reach 400 or even 500 nits.

      1. zuckzuckgo Silver badge

        Re: Order early to get free gifts

        Clearly a nitpicker.

  18. Steve 39

    On their UK website, in the specs section under "Excellent Performance Across Different Apps", we have "Adobe After Effects - Video Rendering speed increases by 20%". Fair enough, that may be true. Awkwardly worded but ok.

    But under "Microsoft Visual Studio", we have "Programming speed increases by 90%". I'm trying to work that one out. They are a huge company, they should really make a bit more sense with some of their marketing or translation.

    Still, it seems excellent value.

    1. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

      "Programming speed increases by 90%"

      Maybe there are electrodes in the keyboard. If you don't write at least one line of code per minute - the battery is discharged into your fingers. Or maybe that should be gonads? It is a laptop after all.

      1. quxinot

        That's the BOFH limited edition. One keyboard-driven cattleprod.

  19. Steve 39

    "512GB SSD ROM"

    Again, I've been looking at the specs on their website and it lists:

    "16GB DDR4 dual-channel RAM + 512GB SSD ROM"

    Such a shame, seems like a good laptop and 512GB storage is pretty good at this price. Shame it's read-only...

  20. Michael Habel
    Big Brother

    Thinking differently...

    How compatible is this with either Clover, or Opencore. to run either Catalina, or eventually Big Sur?

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Magicbook (Not Pro Version)

    Bought the non-pro version for my wife - £499, excellent bit of kt.

    The USB-C / charge port doesn't support display port, so need to use a USB 3 dock if you want to drive a couple of screens, but that's not a problem.

    Very happy with it!

  22. _LC_

    "What more could you want?"

    A touch-screen. If you ever had one, you won't buy another without. Your fingers are always only a few inches away from the screen. Clicking a button is 10x faster than using the touch-pad. It's not only great for presentations.

  23. David Roberts

    Ethernet now obsolete?

    No mention of it.

    I assume these days you buy a USB C dongle if you need it.

    As an aside I have a Dell XPS 15 (10+ years old and still going strong) and it didn't cost anywhere near £1700 new. Brand inflation?

  24. Ashto5

    Bean Counters & IT Managers

    A while ago ..

    We had a need to replace ALL the laptops and desktops (full upgrade cycle)

    I.T. listed the specs and placed the order £70k

    Bean counter objected

    I.T. Manager jumped in and altered the specs to fit the "new" budget.

    Kit arrived with 5,400 rpm hard drives and processors 2 levels lower than we requested.

    Supplier refused to take them back.

    They sat in the corner for years as they were slower than the kit we already had.

    "A camel is a horse designed by committee"

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