back to article Better dictation in latest Dev Channel build will faithfully convert your spittle-flecked Windows 10 rantings to text

Microsoft took pity on those who like to yell at their PCs with an improved version of Windows dictation among other cosmetic tweaks in an updated Dev Channel build. Despite earlier protestations to the contrary, only a "subset" of Windows Insiders will get to play with the new toys in build 20206 before a wider rollout. The …

  1. Teiwaz

    Good Grief...

    "restart the listening experience."

    I taste vomit in my mouth.

    Computers are having experiences now?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    this is all that is of significance in this release it sort of shows that Microsoft is running out of things to add/fix/break/whatever.

    As I see it this is just another vector for their slurp of user data.

    Bring back Dragon Dictate!

  3. revenant

    "Restore recommended browser settings"

    Well that's very helpful of them, but I feel there is something missing from the UI - is it incomplete?

    We have a very jolly [Let's go] button for the eager beavers who don't have a clue why they're using their current browser and a [Skip for now] for those who Microsoft just know will give in to the nagging eventually. But they've left an enormous amount of space for the unaccountably missing third button - [Fuck Off] (..I'm quite happy with the browser I went out of my way to set up, thank you very much).

    Just can't get the staff.

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