back to article GitHub debuts Container Registry that's only a little bit redundant for developers

Microsoft's GitHub on Tuesday launched a public beta of its Container Registry, a service that both overlaps with and complements GitHub Packages, which debuted last year, but evidently has nothing to do with Microsoft's Azure Container Registry. GitHub Packages allows developers to host, manage, and download packages – …

  1. RobLang

    Why is it redundant for developers?

    If you're already using GH as a platform and are not using containers already, why would this be redundant? We're on GitHub and AWS EC2 and I don't see that this service is redundant. Genuinely don't understand what I'm missing.

  2. robertpostill

    I know this isn't Microsoft's product feedback channel but...

    As an azure user with ACR and Github Actions, I can't help feeling confused. I want to have a Githib Action push a docker image *somewhere* and deploy that on Azure *somewhere* (I use app services ATM). Preferably supported by enough Terraform to get my environment managed. What am I picking and why?

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Amateur operation

    Packages should still be in beta too, unless you use/have a GitHub Personal Access Token you can't use packages as dependencies, even if the packages' project is public, because it blocks access to them with a 403. There is no option to allow artifacts to have anonymous access.

    Yes it literally can't do the most basic thing it's major competitor Maven Central does. Nor does it mention this fact in any of their documentation.

    1. Ben 56

      Re: Amateur operation

      More info for anybody thinking of using Packages:

  4. This post has been deleted by its author

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