back to article VDI is back to solve your remote-working woes

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a seismic impact on organisations and the way they deliver IT services to their workforce. The imposed lockdown found many companies unprepared for a situation where employees were forced to work from home and scrambling to put in place solutions to enable them to remain productive and secure. …

  1. TheRealRoland

    While VDI may be a solution, it's very easy to go overboard limiting functionality of standard applications. For instance, not allowing recording in powerpoint, conversion of powerpoint to a mp4, stuff like that.

    This, combined with not knowing beforehand if that particular standard functionality is blocked or not, makes it a very frustrating experience for users. Because Powerpoint is installed, standard stuff works, and there's no visual indicator that anything should not work.

    Additionally, speed. There will be a hit on performance.

    While VDI may be useful for 90% of the workforce, please make sure you have valid alternatives for the 10% that cannot work with VDI. Have Security understand that for that segment, either remove these hidden 'security features', or allow for alternatives.

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