back to article Things that go Splunk in the night: We're 2 years ahead of cloud mix sales forecasts thanks to pandemic, yells data cruncher

The pandemic has sped up Splunk's forecast cloud biz mix by two years, with subscription sales now accounting for half of total software bookings. Sadly – for management – the big data cruncher's losses are widening. The scores for Splunk's Q2 financials for the period ended 31 July came in last night: total revenues shrank 5 …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Splunk is very pretty

    But I've found it inexplicably expensive. Had some early discussions and conversations were along the line of 'this is what we're going to charge you' as opposed to demonstrating value-add. It was so staggeringly expensive Splunk was discounted on first engagement. Either these guys will grow to be an Oracle behemoth or wither as competitors offer better value.

    1. Death_Ninja

      Re: Splunk is very pretty

      Its very good but as you say the price tag exceeds the ROI value - its genuinely eye watering.

      I'm fairly sure that some substantial repricing would mean better revenues overall - I've yet to find anyone who objected to it other than on the feeling they were being gouged.

      I suspect MS Analytics is about to lay waste to Splunk too - its not as good, but the price is somewhat more acceptable.

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