back to article NetApp reorg: Plans to 'scale public cloud', grow storage systems biz as company sheds hundreds of staffers

NetApp boss George Kurian has confirmed a guidance-beating 5 per cent revenue jump for Q1 of its fiscal '21 – while also admitting to chopping the same percentage of staff in layoffs, as first revealed yesterday by The Register. The CEO said cuts had been made in areas "not particularly aligned to our go-forward priorities" …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Beating Analyst estimates and staff livelyhood

    How come despite delivering such world beating performance companies think its oknto shed staff in the middle of this pandemic.

    There is so much wellness crap coming out and care for the melting ice caps and siberian bear but not for their employees

  2. The Count Is Dead

    I'm really surprised

    That NetApp is still in business. I interviewed with them in something like 2010 or so. They haven't really been setting the market on fire since then. To bad there's no zombie company icon.

    1. WYSIWYG650

      Re: I'm really surprised

      any growth in a shrinking HW market is notable, you need to take share to do that.

      they also reported more than $150M of ARR cloud revenue for the quarter. This is all being resold via the hyperscalers without NetApp having to build their own. Cloud company valuations are not uncommon to be 25X rev. If or when NetApp gets to $1B ARR cloud revenue the stock will be orders of magnitude of what it is now. EMC is a mess with their new lift and shift line up and Pure has yet to make money after 10 years in business. Every HW company has a cloud story but how many of them have solutions with revenue to prove it? It's still an IF on whether they can make the cloud transition but they are way ahead of their competition and accelerating.

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