back to article Autonomous robots that can be injected? Not as far off as it sounds, say boffins, thanks to new ion-powered silicon legs

US electronics engineers and physicists have built micrometre-scale swimming robots that use a new type of actuator, forming the basis for a tiny automaton that could be injected into humans to perform minor medical procedures. Powered by onboard silicon photovoltaics, the robots, which are less than 0.1mm in size, wriggle …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    The artist's rendition is all wrong

    Where's the frikkin' laser ?

    1. Little Mouse Silver badge

      Re: The artist's rendition is all wrong

      Laser or not - I just assumed that the robot would look like Raquel Welch.

      1. This post has been deleted by its author

  2. Chris G

    Just wondering

    Could they be administered along with a vaccine?

    1. Dr_N
      Black Helicopters

      Re: Just wondering

      Only if you are bitten by a bat, whilst standing next to a 5G tower.

      1. DS999 Silver badge

        Re: Just wondering

        And only if Bill Gates is administering the vaccine.

    2. Zuagroasta

      Re: Just wondering

      Exactly. It's hard enough to restrain the conspiridiots as it is...

  3. Zola


    > The group of researchers estimated a production cost of one US penny ($0.01) per device.

    Maybe so, but the end user will still have to pay tens of thousands of dollars per treatment because... US healthcare system.

  4. spold

    Doctor! Doctor! the patient is turning a strange colour!

    I'm afraid it is the blue screen of death....

    1. Psmo

      Re: Doctor! Doctor! the patient is turning a strange colour!

      Doctor! Doctor! The patient is swelling up!

      They should do, the price they paid for those rounded corners...

    2. Psmo

      Re: Doctor! Doctor! the patient is turning a strange colour!

      Just need to get these out:

      Doctor, Doctor! Is it meant to do this?

      No, you're holding it wrong.

      Doctor, Doctor! This swelling has gotten really big and angry-looking. What should I do?

      You'd better get a licence before the next Big Red audit.

  5. JCitizen

    Star Trek..

    Used to love watching 7 of 9 injecting her "nano-bots" into people to aid in whatever mission they were in. Well, let's face it - I liked watching 7 of 9 no matter what.

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