back to article Alibaba’s payment service Ant fears being crushed by US bans on China trade

Alibaba’s payment arm, Ant Group, has filed for its initial public offering and disclosed the current and possible future impact of the China/USA trade war on the companies. Ant runs Alipay, which boasts a billion users for its payment products that use smartphones and scanned barcodes or QR codes to conduct transactions and …

  1. PhilipN

    "Risk Factors"

    This is the routine tail-covering section in a Prospectus which gets longer every year. Intended to negate any and every possible conceivable promise on the part of the offeror, its executives, bankers, lawyers, accountants, cleaning staff and pet hamsters.

    Every lawyer helping with the drafting will add his two cents worth.

    They may just as well warn against the Second Coming and the End of Civilisation as we know it.

    Ignore them and concentrate on the financials.

  2. SouthMordor

    How are Google, FaceBook and Twitter doing in China?

    Oh, they're banned. Funny how this isn't the focus of any media reporting, but the US potentially maybe banning a Chinese company is hindering global growth.

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