back to article Researchers shine light on hackers-for-hire op that hit estate agent with malicious plugin for Autodesk 3ds Max

A hacker crew targeted a luxury estate agency involved in multimillion-pound property deals by deploying malicious plugins for 3D design software Autodesk 3ds Max as part of a potential hacks-for-hire operation. The unnamed company was targeted by the criminals in what infosec firm Bitdefender called a "sophisticated APT-style …

  1. spold Silver badge


    You can hire South Korean hackers to nail estate-agents? Kewl!

    (you might guess I have not had the best experiences with estate-agents.... they probably should be on the same circle of Dante's Inferno hell as the lawyers, probably fourth or eighth (and also noting how lawyers and estate-agents often hang-out together)).

  2. ThatOne Silver badge

    > I have not had the best experiences with estate-agents

    Have you actually met anybody who likes them?... Most of them are clueless, greedy and lazy.

    But in this case I guess it's most likely about some piece of real estate (about to be) bought by somebody targeted by criminals. You might try to keep your floor plan secret, unfortunately the real estate agent has it too.

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