back to article 'There is no way we can keep coding local': GitPod's cloud development platform released into sunlight of open source

GitPod, a platform that enables developers to create cloud-hosted development environments and to code in a web browser, has published its source on GitHub. The GitPod service uses containers running in a Kubernetes cluster, providing an ephemeral development environment, with developers generally coding in a web browser using …

  1. Doctor Syntax Silver badge






  2. grizewald
    Thumb Up

    This is just a scheme to let developers kick back just like the Office365 users whenever some some dumbass at a major routing node stuffs up a core router again.

    Why have half the company not working when the Internet connection goes down for the n-th time this week when you can have the entire company not working?

  3. Bill 21

    Obviously never heard of the joys of sharing a remote VAX system with loads of others. Quite a lot of coffee breaks lets say.

  4. Munchausen's proxy

    Really no need for code at all anymore

    It's frameworks all the way down.

  5. Androgynous Cupboard Silver badge

    Get off my lawn!

    Mumbles something about ssh and vim for the last 30 years, before going back to his thousand-class, quarter-million lines Java project.

  6. Michael Wojcik Silver badge

    Kids these days

    There is no way we can keep coding local

    Oh yeah? Watch me.

    This claim is just a variation on "we can't expect developers to have any discipline".

    And, of course, there are no failure modes with remote development that anyone might need to worry about. No one ever loses connectivity.

    And we have decades of experience with primarily or exclusively remote development to learn from. I still do plenty of remote development today, though I do it properly (ssh to machines several timezones away, GNU screen, bash or ksh, source in Subversion or git, vim, gdb or dbx...). Browser-based IDEs are fine for people who like that sort of thing, I suppose, just like a 1980s Chrysler was fine for people who didn't want a vehicle that was more efficient, reliable, maneuverable, or practical; but to suggest it's the way everyone should write code is typical All-the-world's-an-X myopia.

  7. Robert Grant Silver badge

    Worst sentence ever

    If VS Code feature completeness encapsulates the subset of IntelliJ features that I frequently use, I will likely not switch back,

    Or "If VS Code does what I need it to do, then I'll use that." Welcome to English.

  8. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "a platform that enables developers to create cloud-hosted development environments"

    So we've now started creating Russian Doll IDEs ?

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