back to article Docker blocker: Container crew takes on The 1%... of anonymous download whales

Container-flinger Docker has offered further details on why it has changed the terms of service for its Hub service, blaming 1 per cent of its users for making trouble for the rest of us. The latest explainer addresses Docker’s rate-limited plans for container image pulls. “In determining why rate limits were necessary and …

  1. tip pc Silver badge


    i do hope Docker find a new better way of funding themselves as its a great resource.

    Makes trying new things far easier and reliable.

    Maybe they can do an online hosting solution or something for a small monthly fee?

  2. MatthewSt


    I wouldn't be surprised if the large volume of anonymous downloads come from build servers that aren't caching base layers (or are having their caches cleared between builds)

  3. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

    Anonymous rate limiting?

    How do you rate-limit anonymous manifest requests?

    Other than that, forcing moderately heavy users onto a $5/month plan doesn't seem like much of a burden. Clever auto-scaling cloud users could even avoid that by starting from an image that has already done the pulls.

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