back to article Oh dear, what a pity! It seems you can't join the directors at the Zoom meeting today

Zoom says it's fingered "the issue" preventing users from authenticating to the Zoom website, or starting and joining Zoom meetings and webinars, so if you thought you'd miss the 4pm "quick catch-up" with sales, your hopes are getting slimmer. The BlueJeans, Jabber and Webex rival said ominously at 13:50 UTC (14:50 UK time) …

  1. WolfFan Silver badge

    I do adjunct work at a local community college. I have received a series of emails from school support about this. There’s supposed to be an all hands meeting at 16:00 local, about five hours away at time of posting. I live in hope that the meeting will be delayed/canceled/otherwise ignorable.

    1. keithpeter Silver badge

      I've been ignoring meetings for the last 10 years or so of a 30 year career in teaching. Has worked ok so far. I started when we stopped talking about the progress of individual students and started talking about 'indicators' and 'strategic alignment'.

      Warning: cultures vary in education. Take local advice.

  2. chivo243 Silver badge

    Interwebs just like California

    Rolling "internet service" blackouts?

  3. MattPi

    The deluge

    For large numbers of US grade school kids, today is first day back to school. Large numbers of school districts are doing remote-only, and the outage lines up with I believe 8:51AM US EDT. I think I can connect the dots on that one.

    1. HildyJ Silver badge

      Re: The deluge

      I think you nailed it. American schools, from first to twelfth grade are generally split into three groups in a city or county (usually elementary, middle, and high schools) and one of those groups always starts at 9:00 local time.with the other two starting at 8:00 and 8:30 (they're staggered because they share school busses).

      With a third of the students in the Eastern, Central, and Mountain time zones needing an authenticated login at the same time it spelled doom for Zoom.

  4. brotherelf

    I love the statement they released…

    """Support is working on getting it mentioned on"""

    Yeah, I know workplaces like that. "Do you know who can put things onto the status page? I usually ask Jack, but Jack seems to be on vacation since I got no reply? No, he's not marked as away. You know people always forget. I tried opening a ticket, do you know if anybody reads that queue? I really have no time to find somebody to do this, I get fifteen mails per minute from customers asking about this that I need to answer."

    Beer, 'cause helldesk staff deserve one.

  5. David Roberts Silver badge

    I keep asking

    Has Zoom fixed their privacy issues yet?

    You know, the ones everyone said meant you shouldn't use Zoom until they are fixed?

    Like slurping unrelated information from your PC?

  6. Roland6 Silver badge

    Zoom - Not done badly...

    Given the number of users they had back in January (pre-CoVid19) and the speed of their ramp up, it has been a little surprising that we haven't seen more problems arising out of their rapid scaling of service.

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