back to article SUSE plots edgier Kubernetes with Linux behind the wheel

SUSE has had a busy year, with a switch of CEO, the ditching of OpenStack, and the buy of Kubernetes darling Rancher Labs. The Register spoke to the veteran Linux flinger's president of Engineering and Innovation, Thomas Di Giacomo, and CTO and openSUSE chair Gerald Pfeifer, about cars, Kubernetes, open source and life free …

  1. poohbear

    Running the car? Is it written in Ada?

  2. TVU

    "SUSE plots edgier Kubernetes with Linux behind the wheel"

    Good for them and I want them to succeed not least because it's healthy to have a rival and an alternative to both Red Hat and Canonical.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I wish SuSE would bury Red Hat. Pick any decent size package and download the SRPM for said package from both SuSE and Red Hat. The SuSE patch sets are almost always much cleaner than the Red Hat ones. It’s sad.

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