back to article VMware gives its desktop hypervisors the power to spawn local K8s clusters

VMware has announced new versions of its desktop hypervisors Workstation and Fusion. The big addition is support for Kind, a project that runs local Kubernetes clusters using Docker container “nodes”. Doing so means it becomes possible to push containers into a local cluster for testing, then deploy elsewhere. VMware hopes …

  1. Gordon 10 Silver badge
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    Hmm Fusion

    Licensed versions of Fusion were always allowed on 3 machines, at least since I've been using it.

    Thats its big advantage over Parallels if you have a family or multiple Macs.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Hmm Fusion

      When I switched to a Mac (from Windows) I got Parallels to ease the transition; I'v stuck with Parallels and find their Desktop Pro licence arrangement good. Two copies (iMac and MacBook) for £70 a year - updates for each MacOS update and licences for Parallels Toolbox (which brings together some useful tools) and Access (allowing me remote login to my iMac from my iPad).

      Not all perfect, though, as Parallels doesn't support a ChromeOS VM any more - I've had to install VirtualBox just for that (needed as I help a local charity that has elderly clients supplied with free Chromebooks to minimise isolation during the coronavirus pandemic).

  2. neurochrome

    Hmm Workstation Pro

    Fusion, yes, seems to have had the 3 device condition for ages. However I don't see anything on VMware's websites about the same being true for Workstation Pro. Source for that information?

    1. neurochrome

      Re: Hmm Workstation Pro

      Aha! Found the info at:

      Not quite available yet but should be before 30th October. Also, price reductions for Workstation Pro :-)

  3. The Count Is Dead
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    My problem with VMware

    Has been that these days they only offer Workstation on a 1 year subscription basis. Which means you have to buy the same thing again every year. When I buy something I'm going to use it for however long I see fit.

    Their 3 device license doesn't change that. KVM is free, learn to use it.

    1. Smirnov

      they only offer Workstation on a 1 year subscription basis

      No, they don't. You can buy Workstation and Fusion with a perpetual license, too.

  4. Robert Grant Silver badge

    VMware hopes this makes its desktop hypervisors more useful for developers working in CI/CD pipelines

    Hope is our most important strategy.

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