back to article Alibaba and its cloud are growing like a weed, but the cloud is losing money

Alibaba has reported another rampaging quarter in which it recorded US$21.76bn revenue and net income of $5.59bn, a 34 percent and 28 percent jump respectively, but while its cloud unit also posted strong growth the company can’t yet say when it will turn a profit. The scale of the company’s customer base remains mind-boggling …

  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Stormy weather ahead .....

    Today, Alibaba's cloud is cloud plus intelligence services,...

    Success in that particular and peculiar facility is certainly guaranteed to put the wind up many an enterprise with more than just a few of them being extraordinarily rendered catastrophically vulnerable to exploitation, and even extinction, by virtue of their own lack of intelligent services.

    And to think it unlikely is arguably tantamount to a criminal dereliction of duty if one be engaged in the supply of future intelligence services?

  2. EnviableOne Silver badge

    Alibaba vs Amazon

    Alibaba is ahead of Amazon as a retailer, but behind it in Cloud

    The problem for Ali is Cloud services should be high margin, and is where Amazon is making most of its profits

    The only reason I see for them not making money in cloud, especially in the APAC region, is that they are having to grow fast to keep up with demand

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    wow, that revenue is massive

    by my simple maths the cloud revenue of $1,747bn ($1.7tn) is about 50x that of AWS! AWS and M$ have got some catching up to do!!!

    Comma shmomma

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