back to article iFixit horses around with Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G to discover glue in abundance

The Galaxy Note20 is Samsung's most ambitious phone in recent memory, with impressive optics and a redeveloped S-Pen experience. But is it easy to repair? The latest teardown from iFixit suggests not, thanks to liberal use of adhesive. To begin the process, the screwdriver bad boys took off the rear case to expose the camera …

  1. ThatOne Silver badge

    Problem? What problem?

    Why, the battery will surely last a year, after which you're supposed to buy the Note 21 anyway...

    1. MrMerrymaker

      Re: Problem? What problem?

      My mate Ed just bought a new Motorola cheapo job.

      I was going to pour scorn, you know how it is. Then I looked if up and:

      -£100 android phone

      -removable battery

      - Lenovo own this Motorola division now

      ... So yes I learned a lesson! Do not pour scorn on such phones when you have unserviceable bricks like this Shamslung item as a top seller...!

      1. FlippingGerman

        Re: Problem? What problem?

        I was looking at them recently 5000mAh battery in something for £150! Why can't everyone else do it? The more expensive the phone, the smaller the batteries seem to get. Unfortunately no NFC and their pricier ones are worse.

    2. MrDamage Silver badge

      Re: Problem? What problem?

      >> "Why, the battery will surely last a year".

      Maybe not. Samsung have been known to occasionally cut the fuse too short.

    3. jgarbo

      Re: Problem? What problem?

      No Problem. The phone is built for "A" market, not "THE" market. Samsung 20 yada yada buyers don't own glue guns, sticky tape and live in Mummy's spare room. They don't care about repairs or replacements - it's in their job contract. Stop this juvenile whining. Buy the phone that fits your purpose and pocket. Uggh, kids these days...

  2. Zangetsu

    i hate that hardware makers can keep you from using the thing you bought and paid for as you like.

    you can not change the battery, you can not do ANYTHING with it, except buy a new one.

    the DCMA is used as well to stop owners from re pairing their own equipment.

    Digital Millennium Copyright Act

    1. Getmo

      I held onto my replaceable-battery smartphone models as long as I could, until they literally stopped selling any flagship models with that feature. Now I'm playing the same game with the headphone jack, bought the Note 9 with unlocked carrier for this reason, for roughly $600 shipped, about half the launch price.

      Been a while since I owned a Samsung, so maybe things have changed but I didn't realize how locked-down the bootloader is with their enterprise Knox on everything now. I was planning to wipe sammy's ROM off it and replace with vanilla android or a similar flavor, but looks like that's a no-go.

      A nice feature with the unlocked carrier phones is the FM tuner is also unlocked. Sad to see how many phones had the hardware, but disabled it in firmware, probably in hopes it would drive listeners to buy their internet radio offerings. Such a useful feature that we'll never know how popular it could've been, just like the IR blaster & recorder some early smartphone models had hardware for but usually disabled in some way.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Greed, anyone?

    It all started with the big daddy of them all, whose logo reminds me of a part eaten fruit, that Adam and Eve also couldnt fathom the implications of.

    The whole world is paying for this extravagance, in more ways than one. Just wondering when will this madness end.

    Wankers !

  4. martinusher Silver badge

    Trained Engineer?

    I'm a 'trained engineer' and I think I'd have serious problems with the battery in this unit. (Actually, I'm a bit of klutz so I try to restrict my activities to firmware where at least the damage that I cause is less obvious.)

    The person capable of repairing this sort of thing is a bit like an old aquaintance of mine who could do wonders with a rusted out car, some metal and a welding torch. He was no Mechanical Engineer but his skillset was of inestimable value.

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