back to article The sun is shining, the birds are singing. You can shut the curtains and tour The National Museum of Computing in VR

It's a beautiful day in old Blighty, hotter even than former party capital Ibiza in the Mediterranean. Are you going to go outside? Heck no, you're a sunshine-shirking nerd who works with and reads about computers for fun. Plus there are horrible diseases. Fortunately for you, The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) has some …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    wot, no chat function?

    'Three other people are also looking at this exhibit on 80's educational computing. Type "/talk blah blah blah" to (e.g.) tell them about the BBC micro 6502 co-processor you have stored in your parent's basement...' :-)

  2. Tejodo


    I like the way you can position the camera such that a sign saying "Sophos - Security made simple" is right next to the whiteboard with the Wi-Fi login details on it.

    1. YAAC

      Re: Security.

      That’d be the public Wi-fi access.

    2. YAAC

      Re: Security.

      Yup. You can see the public Wi-fi credentials.

    3. Dale 3

      Re: Security.

      I dunno, I keep trying but it's not working for me.

      1. Martin-73

        Re: Security.

        Gonna need a bigger aerial... ww2 tech may be able to help there too

        Mine's the one with the radar mast in the pocket. No, really

  3. Simon Ritchie

    no bombe at TNMOC

    Unless things have changed since I was there a couple of years ago, the Bletchley Park Trust has the rebuilt Bombe and the museum has the rebuilt Colossus. The two are on the same site, but they’re separate organisations and you have to buy a ticket for both. Also you could only get from one to the other by going back to the main gate.

    They are both worth visiting but the Trust’s cafe was bigger and did hot meals. My advice is to do the Trust in the morning, have lunch there and do TNMOC in the afternoon. The TNMOC cafe is fine for drinks and they have (or had when I went) some very nice mugs and tee shirts.

    1. PeterO

      Re: no bombe at TNMOC

      A couple of years ago in April 2018 the Bombe moved from BP to TNMOC.

      If you try the virtual tour you'll see the Bombe in the room immediately to the left of the entrance.

    2. itzumee

      Re: no bombe at TNMOC

      I recently went to Bletchley Park for a 10.30am entrance and due to the social distancing currently in place, visiting the exhibits took much longer than usual and even without looking at every exhibit in detail and having an hour for lunch, barely made the last showing of the film in the small cinema in one of the huts, so I doubt you'd do both BP and TNMOC unless you plan on an earlier start and a shorter lunch.

  4. John Brown (no body) Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    More to see, even if you've been before.

    Watch out for the clickable circular viewing spots up close and personal to the exhibits on the other side of the barriers. Even if you've been before, it seems you virtually get behind the barriers for a much closer look than on a real visit.

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