back to article Rejoice! China's smartphone market drops 10% as 5G purchases surge

Sales of smartphones in China fell by 10.3 per cent year-on-year in the quarter ended 30 June, according to box-counters at analyst firm IDC. 87.8 million smartphones shipped in China during the period with Huawei out in front with 45 per cent market share and 39.7 million shipments. vivo (15m shipped), OPPO (14.1m), Xiaomi (9 …

  1. Chairman of the Bored Silver badge

    Well, good on them

    Glad someone got COVID under control. I have a hard time believing official case numbers from China. Or my own govt for that matter. But economic numbers across multiple firms gives one hope.

    Meanwhile, in the land of the free, my wife gets yelled at for WEARING a mask to the market...

    1. _LC_ Silver badge

      Re: Well, good on them

      After swine and bird flu, there is an obvious goal here. In the USA as well as in other countries, the redistribution from bottom to top is obvious. The banks would have collapsed again. Could they have justified the allocation of taxpayers' money this time? Probably not. Covid-19 saves the day. Volkswagen has, since their (ongoing) scandal, only brought out success stories. The only way to do this is by selling cars to companies at a low price. This only works until this segment is saturated, then what follows is a deep hole. And now? Oh miracles! VW gets tax money again - because of Covid-19...

      This is one of the cities in Germany that has been hit hardest by Covid-19. Almost three-quarters of the elderly people died in a nearby nursing home. Covid-19, of course! The relatives have contacted the public prosecutor's office and the nursing staff has been piercing information to the press. According to this, the nursing and cleaning staff from Eastern Europe left in a flash after the upcoming border closures became public. People have been dying in their own shit. The corridors were full of excrement and vomit. However, since a lot of money is made with this and the "string-pullers" are big dogs, they will probably stay with Covid-19 as the guilty party. This is all much easier and more profitable than the truth. It was similar in Italy (Bergamo) and what happens in the USA can admired here:

      Editor, you now have to pull your article from rotation. ;-)

      1. _LC_ Silver badge

        Re: Well, good on them

        The information that I had Covid-19 in early January and that the rest of my family (including my >80 year old father) did so as well ...


        Boy, you are WORSE than China.

      2. _LC_ Silver badge

        Re: Well, good on them

        Removed bit by memory:

        My father (>80 years of age) had Covid-19 in early January. He passed it on to my mother, my brother and me, of course.

        If I had to choose between influenza and Covid-19, I'd pick the latter every time. No snot, no much of anything. All I had, was a sore throat and a mild fewer for two or three days. It was the same for my mother and brother. As my father is VERY indisciplined, it took him a few weeks to get over it. Still, the influenza is usually worse on him – taking about the same amount of time, but adding all the greenish-yellow stuff on top of it.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Well, good on them

          You are aware of the suspected long term health effects of COVID19?

          1. _LC_ Silver badge

            Re: Well, good on them

            > You are aware of the suspected long term health effects of COVID19?

            We are 8 months in – and they are none (goes for all four of us).

            Besides, all of those stories have already been written decades ago about the influenza. It too does damage your lungs. It can create thrombosis, too. It can infect organs (including the heart), too.

            When you have millions of people getting it, you will always find a few with the most gruesome outcomes. If you put the focus on them and pretend that this is what everybody is facing, then you are misleading a lot of people and are likely causing much more damage than this virus ever could.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Is this another celebration of win-lose by people who can't see past the end of their nose?

    As another example of how great that philosophy is, Trump has just enacted law that will cripple the US video games industry.

    But hey, as Bush said, you're either with us or against. Let us know how that works out for you...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Rejoice?

      It's going great! Iraq and Afghanistan are back in the stone age. Yemen likewise, thanks to our glorious weapons.

      Divide and conquer - it always works.


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