back to article Data warehouse firm hopes more will follow Yellowbrick road for real-time analytics, speedy cloud data transfer

Yellowbrick, purveyors of an analytical data warehouse built on flash memory, has launched feature updates aimed at real-time analysis and cloud-to-on-prem data movement. The firm made something of a splash in 2018 with the launch of its core turnkey, hyperconverged, all-flash box that it claims can replace up to seven disk- …

  1. Steve Channell


    Odd to mention Netezza and not DATAllegro which became SQL/Server Parallel Data Warehouse.

    The power and scale of Teredata at its peak can now be replaced with with a large workstation. While traditional RDBMS laugh at the parsing delays of Hadoop, that does not apply to column-store schema which match well with object-store at the physical level

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