back to article Austria astroboffins shed a little light on how we might track orbital junk hurtling at spacecraft during daytime

Researchers in Austria say they may have found a way to better track space debris with the hope of eventually helping to warn of impacts, assist in avoidance manoeuvres, and even remove the orbiting junk. Space debris consists of human-made objects orbiting the Earth that no longer serve any purpose. Estimates suggest there …

  1. werdsmith Silver badge

    If anyone is interested for data science projects or for postgrad work, some product datasets from SLR stations are available from good ol' NASA thanks to those lovely American taxpayers

  2. harmjschoonhoven

    Not tracking orbital junk hurtling at a spacecraft !!

    The proposed laser ranging works only for satellites equiped with an intact retroreflector or f.i. large rocket boosters, not for your eh-em garden-variety of space junk. Most satellites do not have retroreflectors. They are not cars where a mirror is obligatory and when a satellite has one and is reduced to space junk by a collision, the mirrors are probably no longer aligned.

  3. JCitizen Bronze badge

    It would be great..

    to see what plans they had for actually removing the space junk from orbit. I've seen a lot of hair brained ideas from clear back in the sixties, that never came to be! Perhaps it is time for a space tax, where by any launch provider pay a minimum, per launch, tax to help clean up the pathways they do business in. Even though today's launch companies are doing something about it to prevent more junk, it would still be in their best interests to remove the old debris too.

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