back to article Google catches up to AWS and steals a march on Azure with introduction of cloudy Certificate Authority Service

Google is introducing a Certificate Authority Service for customers of its cloud platform. AWS already has an equivalent, but Microsoft's Azure cloud does not. Certificate Authorities (CAs) are used for issuing private certificates. These are not trusted outside the private network, but within they are used for securing …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Needs to die a horrible death, especially Microsoft's Munged version. Good to see Google using REST, but it would be great if the industry could formalise an API as a replacement for SCEP

    1. KSM-AZ

      Re: SCEP....

      Let's Encrypt has simple tools with ACME v2. I'm not sure why I'd pay 400.00 / mo for a private CA. A minor effort with openssl and bash one could spew a few zillion certs every day from a tiny server.

      The problem is people don't understand how certs work, but they need one for X... So they pay amazon or whoever 400.00/mo to generate a ca, then spew keys and certs.

      If you need this if you pay me 300/mo, and spec your api needs I'll get it prototyped in a week, running in 2, minimum3 year agreement. This whole certificate/ca bs is a crock.

      EasyRSA is already able to do most of it. Stupid.

      1. Darth.0

        Re: SCEP....

        275 per month and I'll think about it.

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