back to article Assimilation completed! HPE says it has finished the merger with Cray and unveils combo supercomputing lineup

Having acquired supercomputer biz Cray last year for $1.3bn, HPE on Monday said it has fully integrated the two businesses. The enterprise-oriented IT firm will offer high-performance computing under the HPE Cray supercomputing brand to address what it calls the Exascale Era. That's reference to computing hardware capable of …

  1. Sparkus Bronze badge

    And expect HP to try and revive the 'superdome' with Cray technologies........

    1. alex_haddock

      Hi Sparkus, Superdome is doing nicely with the fusion of the SGI acquisition and the Superdome mission critical features. That being said there are many guys brought back together in the same company now given the history of Cray and SGI. One would expect cross pollination of ideas as having met a few of them from each side now they are always fascinating to listen to (before my brain starts melting). Patents and designs can also be shared, exciting times in my view. Cheers.

    2. Something Anything

      No good reason to resurrect Superdomes. They architecturally totally different to Crays

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Worked on a couple of Superdomes. Very nice but the ones we had were Itanium based and on HP-UX. Getting something like Oracle on there was a PITA. Was lightning fast though on anything we chucked at it to process.

  2. Unit 135792


    I was secretly hoping that that deal would fall through.

    I don't hate HP as much as d(sm)ell, but Cray is "old iron" ( not like I.B.Morons)

    Nice knowing ya, Cray....

    1. John Savard

      Re: Damn

      I have heard that many past Hewlett-Packard acquisitions have been less than successful, and it would be very regrettable if any mis-steps by Hewlett-Packard led to the loss of an important American technological asset.

  3. Bitsminer Bronze badge

    S G I ?

    The SGI product lines have disappeared from the HPE website. No more single-system image 64-socket times 32 cores/socket machines.

    My prediction is that Cray will be gone in 3 years too. Dell/Lenovo/ARM will beat HPE out of the supercomputer business.

    1. alex_haddock

      Re: S G I ?

      Hi, I'd gently point you here:

      The SGI systems rolled into the Superdome Flex line a while ago. Mainly the UV next gen hardware DNA with the addition of the RAS features long present on Superdome. Whilst this sits more in the Mission Critical space within our portfolio there are still plenty of more esoteric in memory projects running on these systems.

      We have ARM systems in the wild. I'd note that on the newly named HPE Cray systems the AMD node is marked as the first of a line of modules. I'd fully expect ARM, Intel, and others as demanded or brought to market. Now as an HPE empoyee I'd say this of course, but I am genuinelly seeing a lot of focus and resources into our HPC and AI efforts. Antonio Neri is an engineer at heart and has invested heavily here. I would hope to see your prediction proved utterly wrong in 3 years time :-). Have a good one.

  4. Piro Silver badge

    Oh dear

    Something about this deal is completely off.

  5. luis river

    Next objetive HPE to beat Lenovo

    Great numbers by HPE, now it can compete better about gigantic chinese computer vendor Lenovo, this company is forgotten by POWERFUL millionaire and President USA D.Trump. about menace Asian to America. Don´t stay it below red and five star flag. ?

  6. luis river

    curiosity logotype CRAY

    Well to write TheRegister for the article, but I would like to know if the HPE CRAY logotype has undergone changes. Thank you

  7. Daniel von Asmuth

    How many floppy discs does it take to make an exaflop?

    A rough guess would be that you need more than 10 miilion cores (current CPU designs) to reach 1 exaflops and it would consume like 30 MW of electric power. (don't try this at home).

    1. John Savard

      Re: How many floppy discs does it take to make an exaflop?

      You are allowed to cheat and use GPUs for some of your floating-point operations.

  8. fredesmite2

    Give it time ...

    HP has fucked up everything it ever touched .. Cray customers will be next.

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