back to article All the way to Reno: Oppo's latest mid-ranger going global but lacks 5G compared to similarly specced models

Another day, another middle-of-the-road phone. This time it's the turn of Oppo, which just announced the international release of the Reno 4 Pro after an early debut in China. The latest handset from the BKK-owned firm comes with a price tag of (roughly) £355/ $470. We say "roughly" because Oppo hasn't actually revealed UK (or …

  1. ivan5


    Since people not living in large cities are very unlikely to get 5G in the next 4 or 5 years* I doubt having it missing on this phone will be a disadvantage.

    * some of us don't have reliable 4G yet.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: 5G

      I you make that same comment on a Apple Fanboi site, you will be downvoted into oblivion.

      For real FanBois, it is 5G or nothing.

      While in the real world... you comment is perfectly correct. I don't even get a decent 4G signal at home. The local 'good neighbours' campaigned to stop a 4G mast from being put up next to the local primary school. I guess if 5G came to town, the masts would be burned to the ground, that is the sort of people they are. Numpties.

  2. MachDiamond Silver badge

    Not likely to get 5G where I am

    My town is around 12,000 including oxygen thieves and small children. The number might even include the prison just outside of the core or the city. The likelihood of 5G is lying flat on the zero percent line. When I go to the big city, I don't go there to bury myself neck deep in my phone. Hell, I don't even tax 4G with what I do on the phone. I have a blazing connection at home where I've hardwired all the rooms rather than bottleneck things through wi-fi so I do all my heavy data shifting there (self-employed). A phone that doesn't have 5G is not an issue.

  3. James Haley 2
    Thumb Up

    Nice work on the headline

    You know what you are, you're going to be a star.

  4. doublelayer Silver badge

    We have different expectations

    "If you're going to spend nearly £400 on a new phone that'll last you for the next two years, you might as well get one that works with the latest high-speed networks, right?"

    At least for me, not right. If I'm buying a phone and expecting it to last for two years, I don't expect 5G to be generally available for most of that time, so I don't care. But also, I wouldn't be spending that much. If I buy a phone at a similar price, I expect much more than two years out of it. I upgrade my technology under two conditions. Either the one I was using before is now broken or the new one offers new features that I want. New phones haven't offered new features I care about very much for eight years or so, so I replace phones when they're broken. This means that I care more about longterm software updates and price and less about most other things.

  5. pro-logic

    RAM and ROM (8GB and 128GB respectively)

    128GB ROM?

    Hope nobody wants to like, take a photo, or install an app or something.

    1. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

      Re: RAM and ROM (8GB and 128GB respectively)

      It's like an Apple Mac I or II. The entire OS is on the ROM and the floppy disk is just updates.

      Hold on, I gotta switch disks to take a call.

  6. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

    600 MHz

    T-Mobile is converting their middle-of-nowhere Band 71 in the US from LTE to 5G so, ironically, you're likely to have 5G when there's no other signal. Oppo doesn't support Band 71, though.

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