back to article Samsung cops COVID-19 coronavirus crunch and gets run over by Huawei in handsets for first time

Samsung Electronics this week reported droopy results for its second quarter and has been beaten out by Huawei in the global handset shipments stakes for the first time. As usual, the tech giant's chip and memory business held strong thanks to solid demand from data centres and OEMs as large swathes of the globe rushed to work …

  1. BGatez Bronze badge

    How many $1200 handsets can you stuff down people's throats?

    1. RM Myers Bronze badge

      I hate to parrot Steve Jobs, particularly in a comment on an article about Samsung, but if it is stuffed down people's throats, then they really are holding it wrong!

  2. JDPower

    If you're being battered by cheaper handsets, take the hint ffs

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I'm just waiting for one of the big Android players to realise that a lot of people like the form factor of the iphone SE, and start making good quality small phones again. People would expect it to be cheaper than the SE and perform the same though, so that's probably the problem.... Combined with the fact that within 6 months a successful phone will be copied multiple times over by the competition.

      (I for one have just replaced my android phone with one that's bigger than I would have liked, because there simply isn't a good choice of small android phones at the moment. Wasn't the last mini samsung released in something like 2017?)

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