back to article Qualcomm signs new IP licencing deal with Huawei despite US-China trade tensions

Huawei has agreed to pay US chipmaker Qualcomm $1.8bn to settle a long-standing dispute over infringement of the American firm’s patents. Qualcomm holds patents on key smartphone components and is happy to make money by either selling products or licensing its IP. Huawei has been a customer for the latter arrangement, but …

  1. NetBlackOps Bronze badge

    With ARM China asserting its independence, all the phone components are now in place for the way forward, regardless of the U.S. policies. Still need to grow their app store. Just a tad.

    1. Louis Schreurs Bronze badge

      Well, classical comparison urges me to compare the U$A to Sparta, while China asserts the role of Athens.

      Trump just sped up the process of the fall of the country of the $.

      Putin looks on while applying his KGB attitude.

      [edit; Athens 'won']

      1. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

        Athens won?

        A quarter of the adult male citizens being killed in the Sicillian expedition followed by immediate abject surrender suggest otherwise...

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