back to article New Relic streamlines app monitoring tools, shifts to per-user, pay-as-you-go pricing, adds free tier to lure you in

Application Performance monitoring (APM) biz New Relic has trimmed its offerings to three core products and is moving away from host-based pricing to a per-user-per-month subscription and pay-as-you-go for data ingested and events processed. There's also a new "perpetual free" tier that handles 100GB/month of free data, one …

  1. Claverhouse Silver badge

    The World is getting Over-Complicated.

    I've really no idea what value all this surveillance and data amassing has, nor what value it adds, nor why it matters, or if it would matter if it suddenly stopped, so I really can't comment further.

    1. Nifty Bronze badge

      Re: The World is getting Over-Complicated.

      I use New Relic for straightforward performance monitoring - how busy and full is a VM and which processes are hogging the most resources. Does that sound complicated?

      1. foliovision

        Re: The World is getting Over-Complicated.

        When we were using NewRelic, we were running into some small performance issues caused by NewRelic, ugly source code due to including NewRelic and then the privacy issues by having yet another American provider with effective root access and an express agenda to monitor everything.

  2. HildyJ Silver badge
    Thumb Down


    This really seems like a solution in search of a problem with an attempt to convince you that you have that problem.

    Maybe it's slightly less shady than the free virus check vendors but I'm still not buying.

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