back to article Dell trims workforce, says it's taking 'proactive steps to prepare for uncertainties' mid-pandemic

Dell is laying off staff though there is some dispute over the numbers involved. An anonymous source told The Register today roughly six per cent of the IT giant's 160,000-strong global workforce will learn over the coming month, if not already this week, that their careers at the IT giant are over. Claims of similar numbers …

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  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    160-frickin-thousand!? Really?

    What the hell can they all do?

    1. unredeemed

      Re: 160-frickin-thousand!? Really?

      Sales, corporate jobs, support staff, development teams, field deployment. This is not totally far fetched. They have so many products, and so many redundant teams for support, development and sales.

      Back in 2016, HP had about 190K+ employees. That was pre-split of course.

      Cisco has around 80k

      IBM? Over 350,000 employees!

  3. Woodnag

    Proactive step?

    No, a proactive step would have been to institute mild pay cuts, in the 5% to 10% range (rising cut with rising salary/level) 5 months ago to avoid laying off 6% of the workforce now, and severely damaging workforce morale.

    Layoffs are reactive by their very nature.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Michael Dell is a human lay-off machine

    Over 35 years how many times has this guy ramped up and then laid off a crapload of people? It used to be Dell would relocate thousands to Round Rock one year and lay them off the next. And now, after years of heartless offshoring, M&A “synergies” and private equity “efficiencies” he can gun ‘em down and nobody even blinks an eye. I wonder what the total body count is at this point? It has to be a million easy.

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