back to article Oh, you shouldn't have: Microsoft whips up website for devs that makes it easier to moan about Windows issues

Microsoft has created a new landing page for developers, along with a dedicated feedback repository for reporting issues with Windows. The web page is said to be "for developers building and deploying apps and systems running on non-Microsoft operating systems like Linux and Android". Is it, though? There are eight primary " …

  1. Zippy´s Sausage Factory

    Another one?

    Well the last two or three haven't lasted too long. Connect seems to have disappeared. UserVoice is going, piece by piece. Can't even remember some of the others.

    Oh well. Meet you all back here next year for a new announcement that Microsoft are merging the whole thing into something else new, yeah?

    1. Paradroid

      Re: Another one?

      This applies to almost everything they do. Rather than come up with a product strategy that's good for a decade or more, it's all over the place. They rename things like crazy and spin up new products that should just be enhancements to existing well-known products. Sometimes they run out of ideas completely and just stick an X on the end of the name.

      I don't like everything Apple does but they do an amazing job of this. Like how they call the feature to use an iPad as a second screen 'Sidecar'.

  2. iron Silver badge

    > one issue the company cannot overcome is that compiling for iOS still requires a Mac

    Technically releasing an iOS app requires compiling on a Mac. Since Visual Studio 2019 v16.5 it has been possible to compile a Xamarin iOS app on Windows and debug on an iPhone.

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