back to article Get ready to try virtual-reality goggles, er, virtually: Another in-person event bites the dust as CES 2021 hauled online

The global pandemic just claimed another in-person tech conference – the 2021 edition of CES will be an "all-digital experience". What does that mean? Exhibitors and attendees can forgo the moral tundra of the Las Vegas Strip, as well as the customary welcome cavity inspection from US immigration, and instead observe the event …

  1. Marty McFly

    Dumb move

    Everyone knows the hysteria will be over long before January. Covid will be yesterday's news on November 4th.

    Besides, it is Vegas. Travelers always pick up bug when they visit that town. Goes with the trade show territory.

    1. First Light Bronze badge

      Re: Dumb move

      You forgot to add "/s".

      1. The Dogs Meevonks

        Re: Dumb move

        You're 'assuming' there was /s intended.... I'm a long way from being convinced.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Should've given it a shot!

    Gee, what a missed chance. They could have promised a vaccine shot for every attendee. After all, it is supposed to be all about the latest technology, right? And how practical and useful for daily life. Or life at all.

    1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      Re: Should've given it a shot!

      This is a city with a conference that attracts 200,000 visitors connected to the rest of the city with a tiny monorail that holds about 20 people, the conference center is an hour walk from the main strip. It was unable to manage selling bottles of water to people standing in line for hours waiting for a taxi in 30C temperatures.

      It's chances of organising a vaccine program is the only thing lower than your odds of coming out of the casino with more money than you went in with. (*)

      * - although i did manage this at CES. Somebody had left some quarters in the payout chute of a slot machine that I picked as I walked past - in the days when the slot machines still took coins.

  3. First Light Bronze badge

    Dear Reg: Hawaiian shirts are now "over", due to being worn by nutjob Boogaloo people. If you will admit to having any in your closet, you should dump them ASAP. You can, however, make them into face masks. I don't think the Boogalooers do face masks, so that should be safe.

  4. The Dogs Meevonks

    This is the new 'Normal' and will be for a year or two now... I'm just hoping that the tickets I bought for Evanescence and Within Temptation... that was back in April... then postponed until Sept... and now in Oct 2021... Still goes ahead.

    We'll have a vaccine by then... I hope... I've been isolating Since the 1st of march... I may be going a little strange.... ok... stranger.

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