back to article Cloudflare's new serverless platform lets its Workers run for 15 minutes before giving them the boot

Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince doubts developers care all that much about speed. It's nice to have, he told The Register in a phone interview about his company's latest serverless product, Cloudflare Workers Unbound. But, he added, it's not the most important thing in an edge computing platform. "I think we were dead wrong in …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "Ninety per cent of the savings"

    I have one question : where does 90% of the risk come from ?

    All of this edge computing hoopla sounds great, I admit, but there are dozens of companies offering CPU time and every week there seems to be a breach that took advantage of IoT or something else.

    I'd like to see a risk analysis when CEOs trot out a new product. We never see that.

    1. IGotOut Silver badge

      Re: "Ninety per cent of the savings"

      To be fair, if you are using Cloudflare, you are most likely already using many of their defence systems anyway.

    2. MatthewSt Silver badge

      Re: "Ninety per cent of the savings"

      90% of the risk is more likely to come from available capacity rather than security I'd bet. One of the disadvantages of "only pay for what you use" for the provider is "only get paid for what gets used". To break even on these you have to massively over subscribe them and hope that it all balances out and people don't all want it at the same time.

      That's why the likes of Azure and Amazon offer significant discounts for long term commitments and off peak usage.

      It's mostly worked so far, and Cloudflare seem competent enough with everything else they do for them to get this right.

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