back to article Psst.. You may want to patch this under-attack data-leaking Cisco bug – and these Ripple20 hijack flaws

Cisco this week emitted fixes for potentially serious vulnerabilities, one of which is already being exploited in the wild. The under-attack bug is CVE-2020-3452, a path-traversal flaw in Switchzilla's Adaptive Security Appliance and Firepower Threat Defense software that can be used to "read sensitive files on a targeted …

  1. czechitout


    Lucky we've banned Huawei meaning we can rely on the safe and reliable products produced by companies such as Cisco.

    1. gerdesj

      Re: Phew

      You know those green boxes on nearly every street of the UK? The ones that carry all your internets. At least some of them contain gear that isn't made by Huawei, not many though.

    2. David Shaw

      Re: Phew

      at least, with continuing lockdowns & related events, having your general aviation satnav's (possibly) encrypted by a thitd-party might have less effect than usual (affected by a Huawei reprisal attack on a major US IT company?, or it might just be the usual Russia/Ukraine hackers)

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why does anyone even use Cisco gear?

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