back to article UK weather watcher will make it rain to the tune of £30m for support on new data platform

UK weather watcher the Met Office is seeking early interest in a framework deal that could be worth up to £30m for IT services and software development supporting a new data platform and data science activities. The publicly owned executive agency of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said in a tender …

  1. cbars Silver badge

    I need a supercomputer

    to process all that jargon into an intelligible article. Poor show

  2. G R Goslin

    Oh, no!

    Oh, no. Not more models!. Some time ago, somone did a survey of the Met Office's forecasts. They found that if you assumed that tomorrow's weather was going to be the same as today's, You'd be right far more often than the Met Office.Personally, I get my forecasts from, who consistantly get it right. Rather than the Met, who get it as what they think it should be, rather than what it will be.

  3. NeilPost


    I’m sure a £30m investment in-house would being far better results and grow a skilled team as opposed to private partner profits.

  4. Bitsminer Silver badge

    The Future

    "future of operational meteorology"

    It must b e somewhat embarrassing, I would think, that a national scale meteorological service would have to outsource its vision for the future of their own business model.

    The natives must be disappointed.

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