back to article We told you remote working is quite good, says Citrix as its numbers head higher

Quarterly earnings calls for public companies usually start with the CEO and other officers spending fifteen minutes or more showing slides full of numbers that prove the business is in good shape. So it’s a measure of Citrix’s confidence that on today’s call for its Q2 2020 results CEO David Henshall didn’t mention the …

  1. gobaskof

    $11k saving a year? Seems high. Are they assuming hot desking? The report cites a website (, but the page it cited does not have that number. I wonder how much digging it would take find out how that was calculated.

    As a side note Global Workplace Analytics have gone for the bold design of white text on white background with a light grey drop shadow, so we know they are an innovative company. (Correction, it is white text on an autoplay video my browser blocked... still innovate)

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