back to article Microsoft Q4 sales up, profit down, shares down. More importantly, someone reboot the CEO. He keeps repeating 'tech intensity' over and over

Microsoft on Wednesday reported $38bn in sales for the fourth quarter of its fiscal 2020, an increase of 13 per cent that failed to impress investors, even though this exceeded Wall Street's expectations. Financial analysts on average had anticipated $36.5bn for the quarter – the three months to June 30 – though investors …

  1. Jurassic Hermit


    The BS intensity of Mr SatNad is so high these days that my sensitive BS meter is in meltdown.

    I’m now forced to dynamically reimagine transformative upscaled solutions and re-engineer a successfully implemented outcome for my melted meter situation.

    Suggestions welcome from all you collaborative technically-intense evangelists out there.

  2. Ken Moorhouse Silver badge

    The 365...

    The 365 in Microsoft's product naming has been widely discussed.

    But hang on a minute.

    Is "Office" really the correct name for it?

    In the New Normal shouldn't it be called Home xxx?

    Microsoft can then at least claim that the 365 represents the number of days you should be spending at home, self-isolating.

  3. peachy001


    Gaming showed a massive increase. Will likely get another push towards the end of the year, when new consoles come.

    1. You aint sin me, roit

      Re: Gaming

      A second wave, even...

  4. druck Silver badge

    Stop pissing about

    The changes Microsoft has made to Teams in response to Zoom the lockdown, has shown it has software engineers that can do useful work, so isn't it time they stopped pissing around making changes no one wants to needs to Windows 10, and concentrate on product development?

    1. Anonymous Crowbar

      Re: Stop pissing about

      Teams is a pile of shit compared to slack. About as useful as a soup sandwich

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