back to article Frozen: Bank accounts of suspected Chinese Cisco counterfeiters who exploited pandemic shortages

Three Chinese companies accused by Cisco of selling counterfeit components badged with its logo on have had their US bank accounts frozen by a federal district court judge. The judge, sitting in northern California, decided that Cisco was likely to succeed in its lawsuit [PDF], lodged last week, and so issued a temporary …

  1. llaryllama


    Even the most ardent red-dyed CCCP apologist has to admit this doesn't look good.

    China tries to cover up a devastating new virus, it turns into a global pandemic. American company is not able to get their goods moving due to said pandemic. Some enterprising Chinese individuals sell counterfeit versions of the goods through back channels into American company's back yard.

    It's such a beautiful example of cold hearted capitalism, who says that China and America can't get along?

    1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      Re: Ouch

      Right now, with a President that publicly talks against testing and did nothing to stop the spread, the USA is not exactly in a much better situation than China was.

      And you would do well to remember that the Chinese government did react when it was notified, stopped the gagging order of the whistleblower and notified the world of the issue.

      Do you think Trump would have done that ? Given his attitude since January, I think he would have let the virus run rampant and, as per usual, only mumbled a few words about it when the WHO and the rest of world was screaming at him to react. Just like he did not ground the 737-Max until Europe and a few other countries tied his hands by not waiting for his fat ass to move on that subject.

      So cool it on the blaming China thing.

      1. Gene Cash Silver badge

        Re: Ouch

        China shouldn't have needed to be notified. It should have been doing the notifying, considering it started there and its doctors were trying to tell people. Instead it tried to stifle the news until it got out.

        1. EnviableOne Silver badge

          Re: Ouch

          if the outbreak started in $randomstate, would they automatically inform the CDC or the feds?

          the Hubei Province and Wuhan CIty government, tried to hide it from the central government, from reports they had their first case on 17 November 2019, and the outbreak was only reported to central govenrment on 30 December.

          Once the central government got hold of the details, they published them, when they found the true extent they updated the figures.

          The Guvonor of Hubei was removed and was the Mayor of Wuhan

  2. lglethal Silver badge


    "Defendants' sales of counterfeit Cisco transceivers mislead customers, and they threaten irreparable harm to Cisco's goodwill that cannot be adequately addressed by awarding damages after-the-fact."

    Wait, Cisco has goodwill to lose????

    1. You aint sin me, roit Silver badge

      Re: Wait....

      Yes. For a while "their" kit didn't have any NSA backdoors...

      1. Julz Silver badge

        Re: Wait....


        1. My-Handle

          Re: Wait....

          Just before they installed the electronics.

    2. Jellied Eel Silver badge

      Re: Wait....

      Wait, Cisco has goodwill to lose????

      If you check Roget's Business Thesaurus, goodwill is a synonym for 'profit'. Back in the good'ol days, industry came up with standards like SFP to standardise transceiver form factors. And for a while, this was good. One could use generic SFPs from quality suppliers that cost around 20% of official Cisco ones. Which Cisco didn't manufacture anyway. Then presumably some BD type looked at HP's success with their printer cartridges and added some DRM.

      Initially, transceivers would work, but the DRM generated 'error' messages to console & syslog warning you that your SFP wasn't Cisco. Then the DRM was tweaked so they wouldn't work. But all in all a demonstration of the way industry can decommoditise standards to the detriment of users, but benefit the vendor's bottom line. But then official Cisco power cords used to cost $100.. Ain't business wonderful?

      1. EnviableOne Silver badge

        Re: Wait....

        Cisco seem to excell at making "standards" less standard, and others followed suit.

        Continues with DAT cables, do you use: the Network vendors, that will work with the switches and might work with the servers; the Server vendors, that will work with the servers, might work with the switches; or the generic ones at 1/3rd the cost that might not work with either

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