back to article About ready to POP3: Day 6 of email wobbles at UK2 after services provider Tucows suffers 'service failure'

Customers of UK2 hosted email services have been complaining of missing emails from clients, as the platform heads into a sixth day of wobbles. Problems appear to have begun on Friday for users connecting via IMAP and POP3 and were said to be due to "a service failure" at the UK company's Canadian service partner Tucows. …

  1. Tom Chiverton 1

    £1/month ? For what SLA ? If you pay peanuts...

    1. General Purpose Silver badge

      Guaranteed delivery within 30 days. That is what "Risk free with our 30-day guarantee" means, right?

  2. Ken Moorhouse Silver badge

    which offers professional email hosting

    Now if they were to remove the "T" from that service...

  3. RM Myers

    Tucows Rating

    About to show my age, but what rating should we give Tucows - maybe a half cow?

    For those who don't understand, Tucows started out in the 1990's as a rating service for, and provider of, shareware and freeware. Their rating was shown by cow pictures - so a 2 rating, for example, would show 2 cows, a 2 1/2 would show 2 cows and half of another, etc.

    1. Youngone Silver badge

      Re: Tucows Rating

      Wow, Tucows has changed since the last time I looked at their site, which would have been 2000?

      I'm pretty sure when I installed Internet Explorer 5 (?) from a CD supplied by my ISP Tucows was one of the favourites it installed.

      1. NeilPost Silver badge

        Re: Tucows Rating

        ... AOL CD perhaps ??

        I’m surprised David Attenborough has not discovered them in a beached Whales stomach they were so prevalent.

    2. NeilPost Silver badge

      Re: Tucows Rating

      Sounds like UK2 have outsourced their ‘Professional Mail Services’ and appear to be a reseller.

      1. Captain Scarlet Silver badge

        Re: Tucows Rating

        More like the company that purchased them thought they could save money by bunging their whole email platform in one location.

  4. herman Silver badge

    Full mailbox service

    So all mailboxes will be full of fresh steaming cow patties now?

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