back to article Only surprise for OnePlus fans with firm's latest tilt at the mid-market is a sub-€400 price tag

Apple's foray into the smartphone market middle ground presents a major threat to phone makers like OnePlus, which yesterday countered with its own sub-€400 effort: the OnePlus Nord. On paper, the phone's a lot more compelling than Apple's iPhone SE 2020, with a clear edge in several key areas like optics, networking and …

  1. Dave 126 Silver badge

    I see that one can buy OnePlus phones from the likes of Amazon and John Lewis now... a couple of years back they were only available from OnePlus's own website, and they refused to supply a proper invoice or VAT receipt.

  2. Fursty Ferret

    Am I the only person who would happily pay the extra fiver for "proper" waterproofing? The manufacturer saying it'll probably survive a dunk or heavy rain shower isn't really good enough.

    1. BebopWeBop

      I suspect you are not, but that appears to be all the market is demanding.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      OnePlus would rather you spend an extra 300 for their next model up. So don't expect to see it, regardless of how cheap or easy it would be technically to implement. Welcome to the market failure that is product segmentation.

    3. Hubert Thrunge Jr.


      My old One Plus Two survived three dunks into buckets of water. The last time I didn't even bother with the box of rice in the airing cupboard trick, I just carried on using it.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It feels like OnePlus have returned to their roots! Delivering cracking performance phones at half the price of equivalent flagships! Except now they might actually have a decent camera subsystem (we can hope...). 765G versus the 845 running my 6T is very close in CPU performance, lacking in GPU (but that's fine cos I don't play games) and that 90 hz oled display is PERFECT spec. Not a 120 hz power hog. Speaking of which, 7nm EUV should make it sip power. I'm definitely thinking about upgrading to it!

  4. Boothy Silver badge

    I'm watching this one

    I got a OnePlus 3 back in summer 2016 (it launched in June, think I got mine in July), was around £350 at the time. Still using it currently, although it's a bit stuttery these days, and the battery doesn't last too long any more (and charges very quickly!).

    They updated it all the way to Android 9, (which was one extra OS update people were not expecting). Security updates only ran out in October last year, so they basically provided 3 years and 4 months of security updates. (The replacement model 3T came out in Nov 2016, so looks like they basically patched the phone for 3 years after it was replaced, rather than 3 years after launch).

    I think that regular updates, the fact the phones don't come filled with bloat, and that they tweak the stock OS with features people might actually use (like improved customisation options etc.), are why they have a bit of brand loyalty.

    My only real issue has been the price of everything after mine, just going up and up.

    I'm not going to pre-order, I'll wait for the hands-on reviews to come out, but this is potentially a purchase from myself in maybe a month or so from now.

  5. macjules Silver badge

    Heavily leaked Nord is a smartphone, not an incontinent Scandinavian

    Are you sure that Kat Hall is still not working at El Reg?

  6. Nifty Silver badge

    One day the OnePlus will come with Android One

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