back to article Microsoft pulls dust covers off Dataflex: Low-code data access from Teams

Microsoft has announced Dataflex, a "low code data platform for Teams," showing off the relational database management technology to its partners at its virtual Inspire event. The new Dataflex is described as a “built-in, low-code data platform for teams”, and is set for public preview in August. There will be no extra cost …

  1. Eek

    Having spoken to the product team Dataflex is free for Teams users which requires a basic (Base) Office 365 or Microsoft 365 license.

    Dataflex Pro will require a Power Apps license as it an be accessed outside MS Teams.

    And I'm not blaming the register for the poor reporting it take 39 minutes with the Power Apps product team to get this information out of them.

    1. Tim Anderson (Written by Reg staff)

      Thanks, the other piece which we need to spell out is the difference between Dataflex and Dataflex Pro which is obscure in the announcement posts. Will add an update.

      1. Eek

        I can answer that to.

        Dataflex is an empty Power Apps database with a limited security model and support Power Automate and Virtual Agents - the data is only visible within Teams.,

        Dataflex pro is Power Apps as it already exists (so it includes the CDS data tables, plugins, a security model....)..

        1. thondwe

          Is that's one Empty (CDS) database instance for each team, or one for ALL Teams?

          Meanwhile, of course our Devs are the actual people getting excited about PowerApps - quick and easy way of getting small jobs done - and then getting frustrated as the costs escalate based on the number of end users (e.g. 20k students in our environment).

          1. Eek

            One for each team - upto 2gb in size.

            As for students I'm not sure they would be a market I would be focussed on, the license costs are fine for employees but definitely not for consumers..

            1. thondwe

              Expecting some better pricing for students - we have many use cases for quick hacks to provide services to students. Add Apps to Teams will help a bit - Apps for Specific classes maybe, but if we want to do something like a quick fix for a specific new Library Request System, we'd still need it to be affordable Campus Wide...

              1. Eek

                I really don't think you will see special rates for students - the authentication fees MS introduced on portals last year will show you the way that's heading...

                But you could add a team for each quick fix and assign all students to it.

  2. Uncle Slacky Silver badge

    Anyone told Data Access Corp?

    DataFlex is already a registered trademark of Data Access Corporation:

    1. Ken Moorhouse Silver badge

      Re: Anyone told Data Access Corp?

      That was my immediate thought too.

      Maybe they are currently being assimilated under the EEE paradigm..

      1. Eek

        Re: Anyone told Data Access Corp?

        The name choice came as a surprise to Data Access Corp who are not happy about it see

        1. Ken Moorhouse Silver badge

          Re: Dutch ergonomic office products

          That DataFlex might also have a right to be upset too, even though MS office products aren't known for being ergonomic.

      2. Bruce Ordway

        Re: Anyone told Data Access Corp?

        Yeah, when I saw this headline, my first thought was "why would MS be working with DataFlex"?

        I first encountered DataFlex at a capitol equipment manufacturer with a license for it.

        They still needed DataFlex only to maintain support for an old DOS application that creates and stores "recipes" to PLC's.

        1. Uncle Slacky Silver badge
          Thumb Up

          Re: Anyone told Data Access Corp?

          I used to write & support databases for UK local government careers services in DataFlex 2.3b back in the day, hence why DAC's reaction was my first thought.

          1. Ken Moorhouse Silver badge

            Re: UK local government careers services

            The Health Authority I did work for used to need their system tweaking periodically. Hence my first thought too.

    2. Diogenes8080

      Re: Anyone told Data Access Corp?

      Someone tell Microsoft about Wikipedia:

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    “built-in, low-code data platform for teams”

    I understand "built-in" (good), and "teams" (bad). The rest just baffled me.

    Should I retire?

    1. logicalextreme Bronze badge

      Re: “built-in, low-code data platform for teams”

      I'm not sure, but I saw "SQL Server" while I was skimming it and if anybody tries to connect fscking Teams to one of my SQL Servers I will retire.

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