back to article Feeling unInspired? We can't help much with that, but there is a new .NET 5 preview and an Azure DevOps roadmap

Slipping under the (un)Inspire radar this week was an update to .NET 5 and a peek at where Microsoft plans to take Azure DevOps. Never did no Arm Microsoft emitted Preview 7 of .NET 5.0 yesterday and admitted that finishing Arm64 support was proving more time-consuming than it had hoped, a pain for those enduring Windows on …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Microsoft roadmap...

    ...there is a fork in the road: do you the the left-hand fork and drown in quicksand, or the right-hand fork and get repeatedly penetrated in your sensitive regions by angry goblins - and then drown in quicksand?

    Decisions, decisions...

    1. logicalextreme Silver badge

      Re: The Microsoft roadmap...

      Which bit of this analogy is Powershell Core?

  2. DCdave


    Surely most commercial dev currently on .NET core 3.1 (LTS) will wait for .NET 6 (LTS), rather than jump to .NET 5 (not LTS) unless they really, really need new features that badly? I would imagine broadly the same for those on .NET 4.8.

  3. Warm Braw Silver badge

    Those enduring Windows on Arm devices

    Is that a gender-neutral pronoun, or is there genuinely more than one?

  4. Ken Moorhouse Silver badge


    For anything to do with Arm development, the "Extinguish" term is deprecated, they can give it the "Elbow" instead.

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