back to article Alibaba's financial arm, Ant, files for monster IPO ahead of march on the world's merchants and shoppers

Alibaba's financial services arm, Ant Group, will seek an initial public offering in both Shanghai and Hong Kong as it looks to expands its operations into the European and American markets. The group, which was spun out of Alibaba Group in 2011, said on Monday that it plans a dual-listing in China's NASDAQ-like STAR board, …

  1. Financegozu

    Not only „traditional methods“

    We also prefer payment systems where the data do not end up in the hands of the CCP

    1. Julz Silver badge

      Re: Not only „traditional methods“

      Might be useful if the USA decides that what you do is undesirable and stops all the USA based payment systems. I guess there's always JCB but it's a devil to get an account.

    2. HildyJ Silver badge
      Big Brother

      Re: Not only „traditional methods“

      While no government will admit it, payment information is already available to the CCP, NSA, Five Eyes, and any other intelligence agencies worth mentioning.

  2. x 7

    What an amazing investment..............

    For the Federal Reserve and Bank of England, jointly.

    Done right they could really screw with the Chinese economy - excellent threat to hold over the heads of the CCP

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