back to article Infosys reports better-than-expected results thanks in part to lower visa costs

Indian services company Infosys has said that lower-than-planned costs for visas have helped it to record better-than-expected results for the first quarter of its financial year. Infosys can of course expect those costs to stay low for the rest of the year, due to Coronavirus-related travel bans and the USA's ban on the H-1B …

  1. Ashto5

    Dept Of The Obvious

    IR35 killed off Freelance work for the banks, so of course Indian outsource companies have posted high profits.

    HMRC pushed all the well paid roles offshore, 10,000+ freelancers were let go in March 2020.

    Still lower visa costs, hmm maybe just maybe someone at InfoSys knows someone in a position of influence.

    Nah I am probably just being a little paranoid.

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