back to article Citrix denies dark web claim of network compromise and ransomware attack

Citrix has taken the unusual step of rebutting dark web discourse that alleges its networks have been compromised. A Wednesday post penned by CISO Fermin J Serna says the company is aware of a "threat intelligence report circulated concerning claims made on the dark web by a threat actor alleging compromise of the Citrix …

  1. Fading Silver badge

    Unrelated to the ransomware...

    attack on DXC recently? Are they the "third party" mentioned in the above?

  2. HildyJ Silver badge


    Due to the problems mentioned in the article (and others), I have a low level of trust in Citrix.

    A step to regaining trust would be to be open about this. They should name the third party and describe the attack and the changes put in place to prevent this in the future.

  3. JCitizen Bronze badge

    I remember when...

    I was introduced to Citrix while working for a local school client, and was very impressed with the dumb terminal Citrix product. At that time many schools were still using Windows 98, and had serious security problems because of that. Citrix solved the problem, in that only the main servers needed to be upgraded and advanced security practiced in that area of the network. The dumb terminals only used the base OS when not doing school network business. So they were technically isolated from the server network at that time.

    However, I felt like Citrix was sitting on their laurels for years after that, and would probably go the way of many other failed corporations if they didn't work to constantly advance their products and systems. I still feel that way now, but I am also a lot less familiar with it now that I'm retired. I hope they can think outside the box and continue to innovate as they did with wondrous flare in the decades past.

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